[IC] An open letter to the Ular Boys

The Ular Boys - military wing of the Ular Tribe, native Panau inhabitants.

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[IC] An open letter to the Ular Boys

Postby Simon Le Bon » 21 Jun 2017, 12:18

An open letter to the Ular Boys

As the native inhabitants of Panau, it is understandable that your anger at the government for the present situation has boiled over. Many Panauan Nationals have lost everything as a result of the civil war, and although nothing can be done by anybody to fully resolve this, we here at the PFUP believe it is in the interest of every person residing and interested in the good of Panau that the Ular Boys are able to table their demands, talk to the PFUP and work with us in order to start proper negotiation to limit any further destruction to the beautiful island you once loved.

Your scepticism would be understandable – why get involved in another round of pointless conversations with a Government who simply don’t care about your wellbeing? However, I can assure you, the PFUP has no ties to government, other than a simple request for cooperation as we are also asking of you. Furthermore, this civil war is a 5-sided battle, and this is the first coordinated attempt at initiating 5-sided negotiations. As the first attempt at true negotiations, and with the expertise available to the Front, I hope you too see the benefits of opening your ears to our advice, and will voice to your people your trust and acceptance of this organisation.

The Front really hope we can attain your word to engage with us, join us, and work with us to initiate a coordinated, reasonable movement to bring peace to Panau, and we hope you trust that our intentions are genuine and we wish only the best for Panau’s original and rightful inhabitants.

The People’s Front for a United Panau
Simon Le Bon
Founder and Leader of PFUP, Bringing Panau Back Together

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Re: [IC] An open letter to the Ular Boys

Postby Jakko » 22 Jun 2017, 18:40

As Jakko lays in Hangar 2 repairing an Si-47 Leopard, his PDA beeps. He checks it and what he finds suprises him.
"This could be good," he says."Peace isn't that bad, I'd like to spend some time with my family eventually instead of shooting every member of every opposing faction all the time."
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Re: [IC] An open letter to the Ular Boys

Postby ACuteKittenP » 25 Jun 2017, 18:18

Thomas has the letter given to him by a one of his appointed diplomatic representatives

So it's peace talks they want? Many bitter years of fighting and Tyranny by the Bureaucrat's on the Panauan regime but now they wish for peace?
The innocence of the people of Panau and our Serdadu's will not fall for such a deceptive Government and their autocracy!
For the glory of Panau!

Thomas brings his gold plated lighter to the bottom corner of the letter and drops it to the ground
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