[IC] Non-Aggression Treaty with the Reapers

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[IC] Non-Aggression Treaty with the Reapers

Postby Shellaherself » 06 Jul 2017, 18:08

Non-Aggression treaty with the Reapers

The Roaches and The Reapers are announcing a non-aggression agreement between military forces of both factions.


  • Members of Roaches and Reapers will not attack each other outside of missions and territory conflicts.

Any violation of this agreement will result in severe punishment's and will be handed out by the respective faction elite's. If you feel this treaty has been breached in any way or form, please contact any elite of your faction.

The treaty takes effect as of today.
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Re: [IC] Treaty between Roaches with Reapers

Postby JINX4675 » 08 Jul 2017, 01:29

Haruto receives a notice on his PDA
Argh what now, can't I take a vacation in peace.... oh this is interesting
Haruto looks into the details of the treaty
Haha I guess this means I'll be able to do my business more openly, might even get a few more clients, better get the word out to the reapers I guess
Haruto looks at his empty glass and asks the bartender for another Jägerbomb to which the bartender sighs, this is Haruto's 12th drink
I'll deal with it after my vacation hehehehe
Haruto chuckles to himself as he walks off with his drink
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Re: [IC] Non-Aggression Treaty with the Reapers

Postby Mahendra Baahubali » 10 Jul 2017, 11:48

Hrithik was looking for some documents at headquarter and found something with repears logo
Aww, it sounds amazing. more business more money
Hrithik smiles
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