[IC] Peace Out!

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[IC] Peace Out!

Postby Bob Gilly » 13 Jul 2017, 01:06

As Bob sits in his home for the last time he ends his call from someone dear to his heart...
He then says aloud to himself...

"Man it looks like my time has come to an end in Panau. I must go back to where I came from... And with my luggage I will pack my most memorable things that I have gotten over the years in Panau. Oh, Panau is a crazy place, but I like it!"

He then slowly walks to the front door of his house where all of his suitcases are.
he drags them out to his car and loads them up
Then drives to the little air stripe next to his house and loads the suitcases up and waves goodbye...
he takes off into the sky and as he is leaving Panau air space he looks back and says...

"I will miss you..."

And with a tear rolling down his eye he turns back and keeps on flying.

(( Holy cow where can I even start?! I have had such a great time on this server! I am SO happy that I came back to this amazing game! This time around I have meet even MORE amazing people and friends! I hope I made a good impression to you all! I would name everyone that I meet on my journey but that would take like 50 years! So I will just say "you guys and girls know who you are!" :laugh: So this is where I end my journey in Panau for now, maybe I will come back for a third time you never know! So I would like to say to each and everyone of you, have a GREAT time in life and take care!

-Bob Gilly Signing out for now! ))

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Thanks for all the memories!
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Re: [IC] Peace Out!

Postby dragonwolfrex » 13 Jul 2017, 04:25

((Bye Bob, have fun in your life dude!))
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Re: [IC] Peace Out!

Postby Jacob Wolf » 13 Jul 2017, 05:20

Jacob sits on his Lightray, cleaning his rifle as he waits for the next adventure to roll around. He gets a notification on his PDA of a new message and views it...
"Man, now Bob is going too? Now there's only one person left to bear the name... I remember when he first gave me training to be a Scout, waaay back when as a little recruit, before I left Panau. And then, returning to Panau and eventually coming back to the Reapers to meet him again... Great times. Well, I suppose the time comes for everyone... Especially these days, feels like everyone is going on with their lives, leaving this nation to face the world. Oh well, hope he travels well and flies safely. And maybe he'll find a use for those scouting skills of his, somewhere down the line."
He then gets in the Lightray and drives off, ready to fight another day.

((Hate to see you go. I have loved fighting, scouting, talking, whatever it may be, alongside you, even for the relatively little time that I have the privilege to do so. May the best of luck befall you in your life, and goodbye.))
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Re: [IC] Peace Out!

Postby Alexey Ivanov » 13 Jul 2017, 21:10

(( Goodbye, comrade. It was nice to play with you. Good luck in life ))
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Re: [IC] Peace Out!

Postby Odell123 » 14 Jul 2017, 04:13

((DM me on Xbox anytime bro! Love to play madden again, best of luck what ever you end up doing!!))

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Re: [IC] Peace Out!

Postby Shae Hatsumi Vizla » 16 Jul 2017, 22:20

((Bye bomb gilleh! D:

I'll include your farewell in the end of my lore :cry: ))
Shae Hatsumi Vizla

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Re: [IC] Peace Out!

Postby Grover Nelson » 17 Jul 2017, 19:57

(( No, not Boob! D: ... It's so sad to see you go, I hope you'll have a great time in life. Many best of my moments in RLS I spent with you.. I will miss you, and I will never forget you. I hope you'll come back, when I will do..
See ya! Love, your Grovie <3 ))
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Re: [IC] Peace Out!

Postby Tom Johnson » 18 Jul 2017, 17:16

(( Bob! I just wanna thank you for helping me out in RLS and by making me able to achieve Avenger I. I will always remember the good times we had together :smile: Good luck in your life man and stay safe! :smile: ))
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