Time To Go, Our Dear Forum

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Time To Go, Our Dear Forum

Postby NeoSacratif » 14 Mar 2019, 07:54

For more than 5 years this forum has been a center of RLS community, a center of Reapers communication. Time has come to leave it behind. Current RLS thread to move server-related activity to Discord is now adopted by Reapers faction aswell - all communications, all faction-related information now will station at private The Reapers Discord server and partially will be dublicated at Reapers section of official RLS Discord.

This forum will stay purely as IC realm of Reapers - anything aside lore and RP events will not be posted there anymore. Soon all information will be completely moved to Reapers Discord and locked & archived at forum.

Contact Reapers Elite to get a link to join The Reapers unofficial Discord. Non-reapers partially allowed into offtopic section.

We will continue to accept forum memberships for a while.

It was a good time, rls.fkids.net. Time to move forward.

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