Vehicle Maintenance

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Vehicle Maintenance

Postby keeri » 29 Aug 2016, 17:41

Each faction's vehicle, matching one out of the models listed below, will increase the purchase price of armed and unarmed (to a lesser extent) vehicles in the same category by the specified multiplier, which is then multiplied by a certain number that is currently not listed here to avoid sharing out of date information, as it can be adjusted from time to time.

Air, Fixed-wing
0.03 Si-47 Leopard [G][R]
0.04 G9 Eclipse [C][R]

Air, Rotary-wing
0.02 UH-12 Firebolt [G][R]
0.03 AH-33 Topachula [G][R]
0.05 Sivirkin 15 Havoc [G][R]


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