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Updated FAQ

Postby TheZheeplord » 26 Jun 2014, 10:45

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(It may not be needed anymore, since we have the F5 guide in game, but here it is, in any case)

Updated FAQ
First of all, be sure to read the F5 guide in game when you have the chance. Everything you need to know about the aspects of the server can be found there.

1. Q: » I’m new to this server, what can I do here?
2. Q: » I’m new to the concept of Roleplaying, could you explain it to me?
3. Q: » How do I level up?
4. Q: » I’m part of a faction, how do I rank up?
5. Q: » I'm broke, how do I earn money?
6. Q: » How do I buy a weapon?
7. Q: » How do I buy a vehicle?
8. Q: » Can I change my name?
9. Q: » Can you tell me some useful commands?
10. Q: » Can you tell me about properties?
11. Q: » What are civilian licences?
12. Q: » What are items, and what can I do with them?
13. Q: » What are parts, and how do I get them?
14. » Useful keys
15. » Other helpful guides

1. Q: I’m new to this server, what can I do here?

1. Join a faction
You can join any rebel faction by going to their outpost, and pressing “J”. Select the faction in the list that pops up, and you are in.
To join the Enforcers, you need to go to their outpost and contact a recruiter. If you are below level three, you can use Global chat to get the attention of one. If you are above level three, you can use a personal message (/e name message) to contact any available recruiter.
To join the Government, you need to be level 10. If you are level 10, simply go to the Government outpost and press “J” as normal.
You can also talk to one of the faction representatives at PIA, near spawn. This will transport you directly to the faction HQ, and assign you the first rank of that faction.

Note that if you leave a faction, your rank and role will be reset for that faction.

2. Live life as a civilian.
As a civilian, you can adopt a job by pressing “M” and choosing an occupation from the list that pops up. Some roles have scripted jobs and events, while some are more reliant on your own imagination. Merchant, Driver or Pilot are good jobs to start out with, but feel free to try out different things. There are also some civilian companies, look them up here on the forums, under “market”, or contact their members in game.

2. Q: I’m new to the concept of Roleplaying, could you explain it to me?
The concept of Roleplaying (or RP for short) can seem strange to you if you’ve never experienced it before. The topic of roleplay could be discussed on pages after pages, but the short version is that you assume the identity of a fictional character that you make up yourself. You decide his/her name, gender, background, relations; the characters entire life. You are free to create a new character at any time, should you wish so, but note that experience and relations are tied to the character, not to the player.
See this post for an OOC/IC explanation (viewtopic.php?f=15&t=15) credit to Krauser for making the post.

You can also google roleplaying for more info, handbooks, examples and so on.
(note that googling just “roleplaying” may lead to some kinky stuff. Be sure to include “game”, “server” or similar in your search.)

3. Q: How do I level up?
You gain levels on this server by spending time on it. When you first start out, at level one, you will notice that you gain levels quite fast. The time needed for a new level is increased the higher level you are. See this thread for more info and speculations (viewtopic.php?f=5&t=2542). Credit to Sinister Rectus for making the post

4. Q:I’m part of a faction, how do I rank up?
The different factions has different ways of promoting its members, but as a general rule you should show good RP-skills, be loyal, and never ask for promotions outright. Some factions have set requirements you need to go through to progress further, while others promote their members based on individual observation and evaluation. Ask your faction elites what you can do to show your worth.

5. Q: I'm broke, how do I earn money?
There are a variety of ways you can earn money on this server.
1. Faction salary. Every real life hour the faction you are a part of will pay you an amount of money based on several factors, like your activity, and the total amount in the faction treasury. Higher ranks get higher salary.

2. Deliveries. You get money from doing deliveries that starts in captured locations. This is a very common way of making money, but the roads may be dangerous depending on your allegiance. Civilians are usually pretty safe on the roads. Note that larger vehicles carry more parts, which again gives you more money. The Fengding Truck and the Quapaw Helicopter are good vehicles to do part runs in. Do start a delivery, simply press "V" while in a vehicle capable of carrying crates when you are in any captured location. You will then get a small list of different destinations, their difficulty, the goods you deliver, and what you have to pay for each crate. You then deliver said crates to the destination, and receive a generous compensation.

3. Buy and sell items. You can buy items from shops and factories, and you can sell them for profit to a location that has the corresponding item as an interest. Shops and factories are shown on your minimap as coloured dots, and can be found in game as coloured squares and triangles, respectively.

4. Getting paid by players. A player can pay you money from his own balance for services, agreements and similar that you provide.

5. Search the trunk of cars for money, drugs or items that provide money. This can be a very efficient way of earning money if you are patient and lucky. Walk behind a car and press F to loot the trunk.

6. Q: How do I buy a weapon?
If you are a part of a faction, or you have a civilian licence, you can buy weapons by pressing “B”. The selection and prices depends on your occupation, military factions have a wider selection and lower prices than the Government and licenced civilians.

7. Q: How do I buy a vehicle?
You can buy a vehicle from any village, military base, harbour or airport owned by your faction. If you are a civilian, you can buy one from any village, airport or city. Note that the selection of vehicles is related to the location. In other words, you can only buy airplanes and helis from airports, boats from ports, civilian vehicles from villages and larger vehicles from military bases.

8. Q: Can I change my name?
You can change your name by pressing “N”. A window will pop up where you can write your new name. Note that you need 500$ to change your name.

9. Q: Can you tell me some useful commands?
A list of chat and roleplay commands can be found here (viewtopic.php?f=15&t=39) credit to Krauser for making the post.

Misc commands:
Pay someone money: /pay <name> <amount>. Example: /pay John Johnson 10000
Get the coordinates to your current position: /pos
Get a waypoint to a location: /sw <coords> or /sw <shortcut>. Example: "/sw 1234 4321" or "/sw cp".
Deposit money to offshore account: /offshore <amount>. Note that the amount deposited is only 10% of the original amount. Offshore money is used to buy properties, and store your money. Note that money in the offshore account is not retrievable, but you also don't loose any offshore money on death.
Communicate with civilian roles: /srv <role> <message>. Example: "/srv Doctor Need a doctor to treat wounded soldiers". This will display the message to all civilian doctors currently online, and it will provide them with coordinates to your location. Can be used to request the service of all civilian roles.
Contact the police/enforcers/doctors/firefighters: /911 <message>. Example: "/911 Getting robbed in the city, need help!". This will display the message to any firefighter, enforcer or doctor online, which may then come to help you out.

10. Q: Can you tell me about properties?
Properties are places that can be bought, and that provides certain benefits to the owner. These properties can be bought with offshore money.
The current properties are: Shop, Garage, Factory, Dealership. For a list of their benefits, and more detail, please visit this thread (viewtopic.php?f=15&t=1101)

11. Q: What are civilian licences?
A civilian can buy a licence from the government for a set fee. The licence provides benefits to the player, and the come in two types: Basic and Advanced. For more info, see this post (viewtopic.php?f=9&t=2925).

12. Q: What are items, and what can I do with them?
Items are blueprints, objects or consumables that are stored in your inventory. Items can be aquired by purchasing them from shops, factories or players, or by finding them (to find items randomly, you need to be a donor). Items have different qualities, which determines their buy/sell price. You can press “use” and “show” on any item in your inventory to trigger a roleplay message about that item in chat. Some items, like the Dice, has a unique action when used, but most are purely for rp purposes.

Items come in three categories:
Blueprints - These items are used by factories to produce regular items. The quality of the blueprint determines the quality of the items produced from it. You can store a blueprint in any factory by selecting the blueprint in your inventory and press the “Store” button when close to a factory. The production of the items continues until the blueprint has been depleted.

Regular Items - These are the most common types of items, and they come in a variety of qualities. Regular items are sold to locations to raise the DP. You sell an item by selecting it in the inventory, and press the “sell” button.

Consumables - Consumable items are used to restore the health of either yourself, other players or a vehicle. The quality of the item determines how much health is restored. Consumables are further divided into two categories; medicine and tools, which can be used to heal players and vehicles, respectively.

13. Q: What are parts, and how do I get them?
Parts are used by factions to purchase different things, and they come in three categories:
Vehicle Parts - These parts are used to purchase vehicles. A large supply of vehicle parts, or VP for short, is important because all military vehicles and aircrafts are bought with these.

Weapon Parts - These parts, in addition to a monetary cost, are used by soldiers to buy weapons. When a faction runs out of weapon parts, or WP for short, the soldiers can not buy any more guns, even if they have the money for it.

Construction Parts - These parts are used to build objects in the game world, and are thus purely for cosmetic or rp purposes. Construction parts, or CP for short, is still valuable to factions, as custom tweaking of HQ’s is always popular.

VP and WP parts can be gained by doing a VP or WP run from a delivery location. CP is a passive income only. Note that the location for WP and VP changes every so often.

14. Useful buttons
F1/F2 - Opens up your map. F1 is the standard Just Cause 2 map, and F2 is the custom Real Life Server map, which displays friendly faction members, location points, and high bounty targets.
F - The <F> key is used to interact with many different things, like properties.
TAB - Opens up the player list, with the different factions and their members displayed. Here you can see levels, donor status, rank, role and affiliation of all players online.
I (i) - The <I> key is used to open/close your inventory. All items you find, buy or receive are stored here.
Y - The <Y> key is used to cycle through the different chat windows.
G - The <G> key is used to enter scripted seats in several vehicles. Use when the regular seats are full.

15. Other helpful guides
Roaches Basic training covers a lot of useful stuff, be sure to give it a read: viewtopic.php?f=12&t=1683#p11270
(credit to Sheckle Roth and Murc Hemlit)

A very indepth guide to the various aspects of the server, be sure to check it out:
(credit to Tiberius Flifio)
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Re: Updated FAQ

Postby Fero Londo » 26 Jun 2014, 15:12

Very nicely done, this will hopefully help people along.
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Re: Updated FAQ

Postby Jun Loo » 26 Jun 2014, 16:23

Love it, thank you for taking your time to do this :)

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Re: Updated FAQ

Postby Niels Black » 26 Jun 2014, 22:14

Wow, very nice.
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Re: Updated FAQ

Postby Webster » 27 Jun 2014, 20:05

This should be sticky.
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Re: Updated FAQ

Postby TheZheeplord » 28 Jun 2014, 23:29

Thanks for the feedback everyone :)
I will add some more info soon, so far I have a section about items/inventory, a section about parts and warehouses, some more useful links, and I might expand on the role-play section. If you can think of something that new players may wonder about (or if you are a new player wondering about something), feel free to comment on it.
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Re: Updated FAQ

Postby TheZheeplord » 01 Jul 2014, 16:04

Updated with sections about parts and items. Also, thanks for the sticky :)
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