[IC] Economic Times: Anchorage Fishery - Record Sales!

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[IC] Economic Times: Anchorage Fishery - Record Sales!

Postby Kidd » 11 Jul 2017, 18:39

Economic Times,
Anchorage Fishery reports record sales!

Fishing boat belonging to Anchorage Fishery.
Anchorage Fishery profit margin is up by 97% which is a staggering 8 times of what they were earning last year. The company recently opended a branch in Panau after having expanded from the Alaskan city, Anchorage.

"I'm thrilled with the increase in profit, the new fishing pier which the Government have recently opened is great. It allows many fishers in my company to relax and fish which I promote a lot here at Anchorage. We've also gained a large number of new employees after opening a branch in Panau. We're excited to see what the future holds for our company. We are currently in the works of establishing trade with other countries surrounding Panau. We also hope to expand on our fleet of vessels. With the profit being up by over 90% we're sure we can do all this and more!"

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