[IC] ETR Times: Poverty on the ropes

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[IC] ETR Times: Poverty on the ropes

Postby Kidd » 03 Aug 2017, 18:21

ETR Times: Poverty on the ropes
A river which runs through East Tanah Raya.

Anchorage Fishery has been busy for the past couple of weeks in helping the people of East Tanah Raya recover from a severe poverty. The poverty struck nearly half a decade ago when huge pools of oil congregated on the shores. This left many species of fish wiped out and left most of the people without food.

A recent report covered by our senior reporter Brucie Cook, shows that Anchorage Fishery has since helped set up 2 new fisheries on the shore of East Tanah Raya and the employees have been given various training to help them in successfully running the fisheries. Anchorage have also set up a third fishery which they own and 20% of the profits will go towards various villagers in East Tanah Raya to provide training on float fishing and various other fishing techniques.

Brucie managed to get a hold of Kidd Whyte, owner of Anchorage Fishery and get a short statement on his opinion on what changes have been made to the village so far. "I think it's a huge improvement to East Tanah Raya, a lot of people can now supply themselves with their own source of fishing and with 3 newly erected fisheries I'm sure the surrounding villagers will be able to thrive. I've also decided to donate two new fishing boats to the fisheries to fish various different spots in the surrounding waters. It also helps with transport to Tanah Raya market, as well as Melambak city in were they can also trade their fish."

Be sure to check back next week when Anchorage Fishery have a big announcement for the people of Panau.

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