[IC] JustIn! News: Enforcers Shooting Civilians?!

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[IC] JustIn! News: Enforcers Shooting Civilians?!

Postby Asst. D. Solomon » 10 Dec 2016, 17:57

[Posted on the JustIn! News website and sent out as spam email]

Just In!
Enforcers besieged a civilian airport this afternoon.

Above: Enforcer manning a vehicle-mounted turret

    Enforcers shot at the car of an unarmed journalist as he approached the airport located at Kem Sungai Sejuk. The vehicle exploded, and he sustained minor injuries.

    When questioned, the Enforcers claimed that they were holding a vehicle important to some mission, and they refused to allow entry to anyone carrying a weapon.

Below: Enforcer carrying an assault rifle

In other news: Justin Hour has been unjustly banned from Panau National Bank, which is currently hiring.

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