[IC] PT: Ambushed by Terrorists

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[IC] PT: Ambushed by Terrorists

Postby Kirby » 27 Jun 2017, 18:57

Newspapers are sold around in Panau on an ordinary sunny day.
Panau Times

Peacekeepers ambushed during a patrol
Article written by Stuart Bernard within Panau Times.
Peacekeepers who patrolled at Kampung Jelantur were ambushed by 3 heavy armored, currently unidentified reapers whom were dressed as recruits.
Peacekeeper S.J Halvorsen means that this is a clear terror attack on the government officals out of the normal.

Peacekeeper S.J Halvorsen has informed Panau Times that the people who ambushed, did indeed wear reaper recruit outfits and that they had a sniper, a rocket launcher, and machine gun where 2 of them had bullet proof vests and other high quality military grade equipment on. However, S.J Halvorsen thinks that it is so abnormal, that the reaper recruits, may not be reapers afterall, but instead someone who tries to cause a much worse conflict.

During the fight, all the 3 terrorists who attacked, was shot and killed after a long episode of shooting back and forth. It was also stated that 3 Peacekeepers who were newly recruited died, where one died critically at the hospital. Which leaves S.J Halvorsen as the only surival during the ambush.

This comes shortly after a few hacking incidents happened, read more about it;
Terrorist in Panau?
Terrorist hacker?

Peacekeeper Svein Joar Halvorsen, left a short statement to the affected families during this attack;

- Our prayers and thoughts are with you and your family at this sad time. I'm so sorry for your losses, remember, you will always have your beautiful memories of your loved ones and no one can ever take your memories from you. God Bless you and your family, Peacekeepers Robert and Tommy. I promise that an investigation will be done and the guilty will be found and prosecuted accordingly to the constitution.

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Re: [IC] PT: Ambushed

Postby Odell123 » 28 Jun 2017, 09:03

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