[IC] BREAKING NEWS: Carnival shot up, 150 dead 50 injured

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[IC] BREAKING NEWS: Carnival shot up, 150 dead 50 injured

Postby Odell123 » 01 Jul 2017, 00:14

Panau Got Talent is about to announce next seasons judges when a news report pops-up on screen
Obama Cosby begins to speak as well take off his glasses This morning at 8 am the annual Panau Carnival was blown into pieces as well multiple shot up, according to reports there was a bomb under the "Break Dancer" it looked like this minutes before exploding a picture popped up on screen ((https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/b/b3/Breakdance-Mueller_Corny.jpg)) and there was another at the front gate. a reported 80 were killed instantly and 30 to later be killed. Then following the shooting another 40 were killed by three shooter, who also was later killed by responding enforcer officers. Government is yet to respond after a crazy month so far. There were also some cyber attacks earlier this month.
two news articles pop up on screen
Cyberattack in Panau
Destruction Virus

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