[IC] PT: Hospital Deficiency

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[IC] PT: Hospital Deficiency

Postby Kirby » 01 Jul 2017, 10:24

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Panau Times

Hospital Deficiency
Article written by Stuart Bernard within Panau Times.
Hospital hit by the system encrypting virus, Petya, a "Destruction Virus"
Life saving support system downed causing innocent lifes being lost

In a newly written report by the government member, Politician of Justice, Ciara Cruso. Panau Times' have got to learn that the computer virus, Petya, has in fact spread over to the Hospital of Panau in Panau's Residential District. Panau Times' contacted the Department of Health and got a short statement of how they got infected.

-"An employer at the Hospital of Panau opened a patient file recieved through an email which was apparently sent by supposedly higher authorities. shortly after, the computer crashed and went into repair mode and after an hour in repair mode - it has evolved into the Petya virus that was previously reported. It has also been reported that the virus spread through the domain within the hospital, meaning, all patient data files are lost and life saving support systems has stopped working. There has already been causes of innocent death due to system failure, such as respirators. Hospital staff are busier than ever after the loss of critical patient data files.", said the Department of Health

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Picture taken by the employer at the Hospital of Panau of the repairing mode which installs the Petya virus

Enforcers available for assistance

According to sources of Panau Times', it has been told that the army of Panau, The Enforcers, are available for medical emergency situations as long as you provide a panauan passport and other proper documentation that are required. It has become known that the Enforcers' medbay have not been affected at all by the virus known as Petya and will in the future not be affected by it either, unless someone sabotages and manually installs it through an USB which is not likely. According to the general, Enforcers medbay is all connected through ethernet cables so they are only connected to eachother and are all blocked from internet, so it is theoretically impossible to get infected from the outside.

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The DoJ member, Ciara Cruso has also stated the following;

-"Department of Health have been in contact with Department of Justice to provide details of the damages caused to public healthcare systems such as Hospitals, Clinics, patients medical database, etc. Department of Justice will liaise with Department of Defense to utilise Enforcers Medical Facilities for the time being in order to provide emergency patient cares until a working solution is developed."

Panau Times' recommend everyone with the need of immediate assistance to arrive at the military at the Enforcers Headquarters who can help and assist as they haven't been affected at all using a fully offline and private server, disconnected from the internet.

This is the message that meets the victims of the new ransomeware virus, which turns out to be a wiper virus instead.

Panau Times' will be continuing to follow this case.
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