[IC] A boost for business owners

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[IC] A boost for business owners

Postby akujy » 09 Jan 2018, 05:21

Shawn Michaels is watching the news, when the economics segment begins. He grabs a drink and a cigar, sits down again - after a bit - and looks back at the television as a news is being reported.

Brock Thomas: And continuing in economics, business owners in Panau will finally see the desired improvements they have asked for a while now be implemented, as the Government finally reviewed it's inflation at the same time that a number of measures to stimulate business growth and revenues begins to take action today. While these changes were voted in parliamentary sessions last year, the Vice President had yet to promulgate the effectiveness of all these new measures, which has finally been done. Reports also indicate that this will alleviate the burden on the Economics Branch, as well as the DOJ, both of which were being flooded with complaints, the latter having to deal with a couple of class action lawsuits against the Government, which turned out to be ruled in favor of the state. I give the word to our economy specialist, Edward Harrison Jr. Ed, thoughts?

Edward Harrison Jr: It's been in the making for a while and requests had been flooding the official Government channels for quite some time now, but business owners will surely now breathe more easily as the new economic measures, being called "The Panau Business Program" have finally been promulgated by mr. Ozias himself, after said measures had been voted last year with approval and submitted to the office of the Vice President, where they waited for promulgation, within the legal amount of time required.

BT: In order to give a simple and brief explanations for our viewers, what exactly does this mean for business owners and the commerce itself in Panau?

EHJ: Well, first of all the inflation has been adjusted to reflect the current reality of our commerce, which in itself is very important as it impacts the entire economical structure of our country. It raises the purchasing power around Panau, which stimulates the spending of money, increasing commercial activities. This, when combined with the new measures approved, which include tax amnesties and/ or reductions, on every scale of businesses, depending of sizes, OI, Net Revenue and OIBDA, among other factor that classify a tax scale, as well as several other small, yet important laws to aid and promote business, will mean that the profits will increase for the business holders, as they will have to spend less in materials, pay less taxes, see the government contribute in worker subsidizing, and so on, with all of this resulting in a bigger income.

BT: Bigger income means bigger profits, which in itself means that the commerce should indeed develop, is that correct?

EHJ: That is absolutely correct, which in itself will stimulate the national economy, as bigger profits means more jobs and the inflation adjustment itself will also contribute for the citizens to have more money in their pockets. At the end of the day, and if the new program works as intended, it will be a major boost for our economy.

BT: Is there room for improvements, though?

EHJ: There is always room for improvements, but for not we must wait for the dust to settle on these new measures and see how the numbers will shift. All the projections are favorable and indicate that an economical improvement is coming.

BT: Adam John Brooks, our Minister of Justice, had to deal with the government being take to court by some of the business owners, who demanded the free commerce act to be fulfilled, which would mean that an update in the system was required to meet the standards. Did he come out of it looking good?

EHJ: Not just Minister Brooks, but also Vice President Ozias and the entire Economics Management Branch. All the lawsuits were won by the state, all the requests made by the business owners seem to be fulfilled, within reason, with these new measures. This makes the Government look good not only at national level, but also internationally and has the potential to attract more investors, including foreign ones, which could lead to Panau becoming an important player in the Asian economy, especially considering the small size of our country.

BT: I think an important questions needs to be made here... Are we overpaid right now, as a nation, considering that we are fighting a civil war that seems to never end?

EHJ: Absolutely. And we have low taxes, considering all the money that is required to maintain the current situation. But this is a good thing. It means that even in the middle of a civil war, Panau manages to find the capability of funding it's business and providing a better life with comfort to it's citizens.

BT: Can this estimated economic growth affect the outcome of the current civil war?

EHJ: As Supreme General Michaels would say, if he was here, it's not so much a civil war at the moment, but rather a skirmish that our government has under control. I believe our country has the situation controlled and will eventually dominate the rebel outbursts for good, quite sooner than later, but improving the economy obviously helps. Not only does it make citizens happier and living well, but by improving our industry it generates more income that can be allocated into our defense department. Supreme General Michaels himself personally oversaw a similar economical reform program to our army and, according to sources, it seems to have made wonders to their budget.

BT: Thanks you Ed. And that's all the time we have for economy today in our eight o'clock news, here on PBC. And now to Sports Entertainment! Our beloved General Shawn Michaels, the current wrestling World Heavyweight Champion of Panau will defend his title this month, in the upcoming event titled...

Shawn lowers the volume of the TV while he takes a sip of his whiskey and continues to smoke his Cuban cigar. He then turns to his computer where he starts writing an email to the Vice President, congratulating him on the approval of the new measures, while he mumbles to himself:

- Economical stimulation? Growth? Increased income and revenue? More profits? We will see. Time will tell, let's hope so. Time to consider a raise for my sla...workers! I mean workers. They have been producing good stuff recently.
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