[IC] Buying Oldmans

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[IC] Buying Oldmans

Postby TheEsshablishment » 05 Feb 2017, 18:07

Hey folks

As the time rose in Panau, my wallet got fatter, so did my wife and finally I decided to use some of that money.

Now listen up, all of you unlucky customers.

I am looking for used Hamya Oldmans, be it the classic ones, Cabrios or Soft Tops.

Every color and upgrade status welcome.

Since they only cost 2 mil, I am not willing to pay more, except you really convince me to (It has to be a very good point then tho.)

So, anyone who has an Oldman in his garage he is willing to get rid of, send me an Email and I will probably buy it as soon as I have the cash on my hand.

Note: I pay 100k more than the agreed-upon price if you give me a written background story about what makes the car special or just an event it has gone through.
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Re: [IC] Buying Oldmans

Postby steliosskaf983 » 06 Feb 2017, 20:02

Are you willing to sell any cars aswell perhaps ?
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