[Civilians] Sara Dayne - #9

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[Civilians] Sara Dayne - #9

Postby Pie Eater » 06 Nov 2018, 02:43

IC Name: Sara Dayne

Rules Broken: 9 - IC harassment

Description: we've had a couple of problems regarding IC harassment and Sara for a while, but never so severe that I thought we had to do more than say to her that this wasn't appreciated by reaper members, at all. She kept on behaving very immature up untill the point that it would scare people away to even join the game when she's around. Her behaviour was intolerable regarding the harassment and immature behaviour, and I feel like I myself can't do enough by removing her from the reaper ranks. I don't have evidence of everything that she did, she has powergamed as well to certain members, and harassed them, and if more evidence comes to me I'll find a way to post them. All I have right now is her behaviour during which I tried to make her behave through warnings and demotions.


this is very inappropriate behaviour, and certainly not approvable in a public gaming server. Even though the game is 18+, I can imagine younger people joining and being greeted with such behaviour would be damaging. I would suggest to make an elite ban at the least for her, since this behaviour shouldn't be approved.
Just to be clear, she was asked multiple times to stop that behaviour before I started to warn her for it, and was practically harassing Victoria Alexeeva.

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Re: [Civilians] Sara Dayne - #9

Postby Jacob Wolf » 06 Nov 2018, 03:19

To expand on this abit; Sara has previously been punished for a variety of reasons, including ramming hostile AS and infantry with pells, excessive OOC and IC insults and hate (including continued, mostly unreasonable IC/OOC hate against Logan with ingame emails and chat and on discord), andpowergaming. After one of these punishments, she threatened repeatedly to make a complaint on me for a demotion on my personal observation and the word of other factions' elites because I did not give her direct video evidence.

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