[IC] Jane's Story Chapter 2: Tracking the lost

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[IC] Jane's Story Chapter 2: Tracking the lost

Postby Jane Valkyrie » 13 Oct 2015, 01:20

Jane sat down in her office, after another day of leading the reapers.

As she sat down, she locked the door, and sent a message to the avengers telling them "I am busy with something, so you have lead"
She turned off her radio, and her emails.

She thought back to the days when she first joined reapers, and opened up her journal and began writing again

After joining the reapers I was given a radio, and a pda by the recruiters at the outpost. They immediately broadcast the fact that I had joined reapers over the radio, after that message I heard a few Welcome messages, then a strong voice said to report to HQ for training immediately. I asked the recruiters how to use the radio, but they only said "You will find out in training" So I began the walk to Reaper HQ, with the voice summoning me for training getting louder and more irritated.

When I finally arrived at HQ, a guerilla named Jacob Santoro welcomed me to reapers. He then proceeded to teach me the basics of actually being in reapers, what the rules were, and much more. He taught me in a brisk, almost military manner. At the end of training I was asked which role I would like start my career in Reapers as. After some thought I choose sniper. I was given my first sniper rifle, and sent out to practise with it.

A few minutes later a priority message cam through for all reapers to line up in the briefing room. I took my place in the briefing room. Shortly I saw my first view of the current Reaper Commander, A wonderful figure known as Billie West. I immediately hoped that one day I would be like her.

The commander immediately briefed us on a situation. A village in our border was at the right time to for its to change hands. We were to arrive at the village, kill any enforcers present, and start spreading reaper propaganda. As a Sniper, I would be part of the team on a nearby hillside to eliminate threats from a distance.

As I watched through my scope, I saw the reapers working as one,eliminating any enforcers who tried to stop them in moments. I managed to get in a few good shots, one of which narrowly missed a reaper, who proceeded to yell at me, calling me that "idiotic sniper" and that he would train me in how to use a sniper after the mission.

As promised shortly after Reapers had claimed the village, I was summoned to HQ to rendezvous with a Jason Lee Valkyrie for my sniper training. Upon seeing him, I noticed something special about him. He then proceeded to train me in the art of snipers, at the end of which I was given my first stripe.

I worked hard in the Reapers, and some time later I was promoted to initiate. Where upon a embarrassing incident happened, which involved me falling into a trap and getting stuck, which resulted into being demoted back to recruit for failing to see such a obvious trap. I did not let this deter me, and I continued working hard, striving to succeed, and eventually I was given initiate again.

It was around this point, I was receiving on average 100 marriage proposals a day, when I sent a message to every reaper, saying if they even wanted to think about marrying me, then they should at least date me a few times before asking, which stemmed the flow, to only a couple of people asking me out on dates.

Of which I only continued dating one. Now we did lots of fun things on our dates, when we had time off from serving in reapers, it was only later that some things got interesting, but I will write about that later.

When I became a Initiate, I realised the sniper path would not be the best path for me to proceed on, so I started making arrangements to try out in other roles, I first tried pilot, which kind I got told, I would not make it as a pilot, after nearly killing the avenger pilot 3 times.

By this time I had received my first initiate stripe, again with a almost fatality of the sniper avenger, I started looking into the non combat roles, and tried out the recruiter role. I passed my recruiter training with flying colours, and was even used as a model for how basic training should be done.

Soon I had both of my initiate stripes, when reapers went through a odd time, with Billie West leaving the faction, the commanders started changing rapidly, leaving the reapers uncertain as to what would be the future for the reapers. It was during the period, that I was promoted to guerilla.

Having gained access to some of the reapers classified resources I started poking around, investigating details of where my sister was, and trying to access details of what had happened back then to my family as well, I put low-priority tasks in the reaper spy's to-do list, and managed to get a few documents around where my sister had gone, but they were heavily censored, I managed to work out a small bit of information from the documents, and had some spies work on getting less censored versions.

Jane is in the middle of her memories when her pda suddenly bleeped with a critical notice. She looks at the notice, and sees that reports that enforcers are trying to seize a military base from them. She closes her journal, and turns on her radio and starts issuing orders. She shouts into the radio "Lets remind the enforcers why they can not beat us!"
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Re: [IC] Jane's Story Chapter 2: Tracking the lost

Postby fyrix » 13 Oct 2015, 08:33

(( "Was not worth the wait 4/10" - IGN ))

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Re: [IC] Jane's Story Chapter 2: Tracking the lost

Postby The McQueen » 14 Oct 2015, 06:12

(( Good read, Dante is just jealous obviously. Keep it up! ))
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Re: [IC] Jane's Story Chapter 2: Tracking the lost

Postby Thorin Lonewolf » 14 Oct 2015, 06:19

(( This was a good write, I called IGN, Dante was fired recently for indecent exposure . The rate was really 10/10 ))
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