[IC] Sands of Time

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[IC] Sands of Time

Postby nlsnnn » 02 Feb 2018, 17:13


DATE: ███████████


Life - a stranger to all
She has offered us a chance:
Take the pencil, the brush
And tell me: what is it like to truly live?
On a white canvas, I tell a story
From birth to my demise
Not with words, but with colour;
Not with images, but with memories.

Life - an embodiment of ambiguity
Born with impaired vision and ignorant eyes,
It is once we grow and once we learn
That we finally see; we finally understand.
We are told to chase her
But she has soared the dreamscape; the very limits of the universe
No matter how enduring, we will crumble;
We will see ourselves fall
At the hands of chasing what we cannot.

Yet, in the darkest times,
She extends her hand
For each time we fall,
We see none but darkness.
But for each time we stand,
Her hand is there
And by grasping her hand,
We are but a new essence of her creation;
The page is turned - a new chapter begins.

In her eyes, the eternal sands of time will forever erode;
Colossal dunes of memories will fade before your very own eyes.
For weathering may certainly tear the stone apart,
But its shattered essence will begin elsewhere;
It will start afresh - just like she wants us to.

Living in the past will only make you depressed,
She marches forever forward - she refuses to come back down.
Seeing the future will only make you anxious,
She will pave the way, and you will see it when the time comes.
She opens her eyes and sees my canvas
Take my hand, and together we will start afresh.
I turn the page.

"Turned out much more interesting than I thought-" I exclaim half-jokingly.

I slouch in my seat, sighing hopelessly and contemplating how the 'sands of time' have eroded so quickly. It's really quite strange: having started off in Roaches and meeting hundreds of people who turned out to be some of my closest friends today, having to see the Roaches I knew come to an end, and now coincidentally seeing the same occurrence in the Enforcers - seeing many close friends depart or just generally never turn up on duty frustrates me. Quite frankly, I've been living in the past for too long - looking back on such fond memories of my time being a senior non-commissioned officer and becoming such a strong influence with subordinates; it was by far a substantially crucial part in making me who I am today, and if it weren't for them I'm sure I wouldn't even be here writing this fucked up poem and diary entry consisting of nothing but my perpetuated sadness and condolences. Nowadays, most operations involving the use of vehicles have been cancelled; political operations have ceased and, as such, many villages are starting to riot, and now recruiting numbers are starting to go into a decline because of low morale and other reasons. When you look back to the start of all this and then look at now, you really do see the difference: you can see we've lost motivation and we've lost our way - and in some way, part of me is happy that it's over.
"Such a disappointment," I mutter to myself while shaking my head, agitated. "Feels like it all went by in months..."
I climb out of my seat and begin to make my way to the garage where I had left my car from earlier. Looking back on my the sixteen years I've spent in this country, I can definitely say it was a journey I never regret. Though I'd lost many good friends and suffered great traumas, I never thought I'd be able to step back up and keep going this far - in the end, it was certainly worth it. It's a shame that, if it weren't a war we were fighting, we'd all be much closer. But to me, enemies will always be enemies. That's something I've had to come to terms with over the time I've been here - Langley taught me how to kill remorselessly, and that's what I've grown used to.

It's a shame it all had to come to this, but what can I do? Looking back into the past turns the pages back to the start, and looking into the future makes you skip the most important page. The sands of time are telling me I have to start afresh; SHE is telling me it's time to start anew - and that is what I'm going to do. I knew things weren't at all what they seemed to be - I never knew I was the one looking out while she was the one looking in. Maybe someday, I'll get to see you in your truest form. But for now, I'll cherish these last moments with you and you only; I'll be here for you until it's time to say goodbye.

Thank you for all the memories. You showed me your life, and now I will show you mine.
Life will go by in the blink of an eye.
Be extraordinary,
Seize the day.

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