[IC] Life's a Trip

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[IC] Life's a Trip

Postby fyrix » 21 Mar 2019, 21:55

18:00 - Ramai Rakyat Islands
Outskirts of the Financial District

"Turn this one up!" Dante Knox shouts over the already obnoxiously loud music, blasting from his bright pink Pocumtuck Nomad.
Levander Gale smiles in agreement and turns the music up to the maximum volume without a response. Anyone within 50 meters would be able to hear Eminem - Without Me word-for-word.
Both passengers would clearly be under the influence of Cannabis as they struggle to keep their bloodshot eyes open.
"You know what, I think we should smoke the 'Final Trip' joint now bro!" Dante shouts again, barely maintaining eye contact with the road.
"WHAT?" Levander matches his volume in his replies.
"WE-SHOULD-SMOKE-THE-TRIPPY-JOINT" Dante bellows as he disregards the idea of turning the volume down.
Levander awkwardly smiles and nods, having no idea what had been said just to get out of the conversation. Dante picks up on this and rolls his eyes.
"TRIP! JOINT! NOW!" Dante screams into the face of his passenger, taking his eyes completely off the road ahead. His RV would swerve into the oncoming traffic and cause a fatal accident killing a couple of tourists, including their Tuk-Tuk driver. None of them notice the car crash that would eventually go up in flames behind them, instead, Dante lightly steers back into his lane.
"OH! YOU WANT TO SMOKE THE TRIPPY JOINT?" Levander shouts back as picks an enormous rolled up herbal mixture from a Spice Girls ash-tray in front of him.

Levander takes the first 3 hits and barely manages to pass it to Dante, almost slipping out of consciousness. Dante hastily takes the joint and takes a mammoth drag.

He exhales an ungodly amount of smoke as his vision begins to turn static. Ignoring the effects he takes another drag, exhaling the smoke slowly. He notices a road sign for the exit to the Financial District. He takes one more drag.

Earth Time 12:00 - Starship X341
Command Room

"I loved you as a son, Xujbi. You have betrayed me for the last time..." a freakish green alien would look down at a kneeling Dante. He turns his back on him as he looks out of a colossal window. They'd visibly be in orbit of a pink glowing star.
"What the fuck are you on about? Where is Levan." Dante questions the unknown alien captain. He tries to move his body. Completely paralyzed.
"He has truly lost his mind... Incinerate him." the captain speaks to the crew surrounding Dante, maintaining eye contact with the star in the distance.

THUD! Something hits Dante over the back of the head as everything cuts the black.

Shortly awakening to the inside of a chamber engulfed in flames. He had really fucked it this time. Dante, unable to scream, watches his body turn to ash.

??-?? Unknown Region
A Beach Scene

Dante awakes suddenly. Hyperventilating, pouring with sweat and fearful. The searing heat immediately becomes apparent. He finds himself lay down on a hawaiian beach towel.

"Fucking hell..." Dante says under his breath, propping himself up to be greeted with an ocean view.
"Mojito?" an unknown voice is heard behind him. Footsteps in the soft sand approach the back of Dante. Immediately, he turns to the voice moves to his left-hand-side
"Stanley?" Dante questions. He didn't expect to see his former boss.
"Take the drink, Dante." Stanley Richard firmly says, holding an expertly made cocktail. Dante attempts to reach for it. He can't.
"Dante take the fucking drink." He holds it out closer to him, his eyes visibly filling with anger.
"Stanley I can't take the drink." Dante begins to panic as his arms refuse to work.
"TAKE THE FUCKING DRINK." Stanley bellows with rage as he smashes the cocktail over his head. Dante falls forward from the impact. The sand quickly changes into clouds, making Dante fall right through them.

2 Hours into the Free Fall - Unknown Location
In the Clouds

Dante had completely adjusted to the never-ending free-fall, going from screaming in terror to complete boredom.
"Never again am I ever smoking this shi-..." his words would be cut short as the faces of Akeno Gremory and Jun Loo would appear.
"What is going o-..." again he is cut short by Jun Loo slapping him across the face.
The scenery of a clear blue sky above the clouds would quickly begin to darken as thunderstorms appear below him.
Akeno would join in and slap Dante. Eventually, they would both take turns until he would be receiving strikes at an inhuman rate. Dante begins to curl into a ball and cry as both of the former reapers would slap him relentlessly until darkness engulfed him once more.

??:?? - Unknown Region
Total Whiteness

Dante slowly comes out of the fetal position waking up in an empty white landscape. He slowly gets to his feet and scratches his head.
"I have come to save you once more my friend..." a soft voice is heard behind him. Immediately Dante spins around on his heels. Efe would be dressed in all white robs with angel wings.
"Please for the love of god Efe get me out of here." Dante pleads, it had felt like an eternity.
"This will help my friend." Efe opens his right palm, producing a perfectly rolled cigarette. It levitates from his palm and slowly makes its way in between Dante's lips. The now-angelic Efe would click his fingers on the left hand, lighting the cigarette. Dante immediately takes a drag as his vision fades and Gabrielle - Dreams begins to play.

18:00 - Ramai Rakyat Islands
Outskirts of the Financial District

Dante crawls out of his smashed up RV. It had hit the sign before he tripped out. He makes his way over to his friend who is sat on a rock just off the highway, taking a seat next to him.
"Fucking hell..." Dante says, still unsure what was really going on.
"Some crazy shit... reckon ReaPairs will be able to sort this one out?" Levander questions the confused Dante, looking at the destroyed RV. Levan clearly shaken up by both his trip and the accident.
"Nah some dickhead deleted the website, I'll just buy a new one." Dante says as he brushes some of the dirt off of his Off-White socks. A moment of silence would follow
"Wanna finish the rest of this?" Levan offers, handing him the rest of the joint that put them in this mess.
"Might as well. Dante accepts the drugs, lighting it once more.


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