Location HUD bug

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Location HUD bug

Postby Jeffrey Baker » 31 Oct 2018, 02:55

Sometimes when you fly to a location you cant see the floating icon on the minimap or even on the screen also the location HUD at the bottom doesnt appear at all, when you press F2 it then shows up on the minimap and soon after that the icon loads into the game but the information HUD is still not there until you have to relog.

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Re: Location HUD bug

Postby ACuteKittenP » 31 Oct 2018, 15:47

Another frequent bug can occur with faction garages and shops where you can see the faction icons from a distanced but one you approach them they disappear and you cant interact with them.

on occasion it can occur with regular shops and factions too, only fix I found was flying out of render distance of the icon and then going back to be able to interact with them again.

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