[IC] Students of Panau

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[IC] Students of Panau

Postby Isabella Wolfy » 12 Dec 2017, 13:36


- To all and everyone on every platform.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Students, Teachers, Soldiers and Politicians,

During the past few weeks the Enforcers has along with the School of Panau, supported the newer generation of youth in their education by giving them access to extra work space in our headquarter and new technology, the purpose of this has been to educate a brighter, smarter and more efficient civilization in the close future. Their work may contain small errors here and there, but it is all a learning experience and we have now decided publicate the cooperation between the School of Panau and Military to show that our bright future, will become even brighter.

The project consisted of different kind of classes working togheter such as art design, animation, voice over, music and background designing as well as composing meaning we allow a great variety of classes to cooperate in order to create one thing togheter, to unite the students for one purpose, for this time the theme was to create a promotional video of their theme and this is what they came up with:

((Disclaimer: Video watchtime 1:26 to 1:30 is considered OOC as an advertisment for the server in-case non-RLS members sees it.))
a note by the General of Enforcers, Isabella Michaels:

Isabella Michaels wrote:Dear everyone,

We are glad to announce our cooperation to make the new generation well educated, we don't want them to become as uneducated as the rebel factions and the only way to make sure this doesn't happend, is to help and cooperate from a younger age, starting as of today we will cooperate with students of panau and allow them for a big variation of projects togheter with the military of Panau.

((Might update, was in a hurry making this post

This video wasn't made by me, it was made by someone who has never even played Just Cause 2 before, so excuse the wrong use of video contra enforcers, just imagine it is all Enforcers shooting, lol..))

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Re: [IC] Students of Panau

Postby Atreides » 12 Dec 2017, 14:52

Shella was browsing the Panau News and notice the post, she read it..

Such a pity that they think working along side with the law is helping this country.. and they even encouraged the youth to fight their war.. Shella laughs to herself in her office at Paya Luas, Roach HQ

Good strategy, Enforcers.. good strategy..

Shella took a sip of her wine and close her laptop

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Re: [IC] Students of Panau

Postby Edgar Cooper » 12 Dec 2017, 19:47

Edgar scrolls up and down the Government website, and spots the video

Huh, interesting. Let's have a look.

After watching the video, he leans back in his comfy office chair and scratches his chin

Hmm... if this truly works, I'll finally have some work to do.

Edgar closes his laptop and starts looking for his notebook

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Re: [IC] Students of Panau

Postby krpajda » 12 Dec 2017, 22:07

Krpajda calls up PNB

...Yes. All of them, immediately. You do not want to have blood on your hands

Next time the ad is played, a text flash appears for a couple seconds before it

The department of defense
does not take responsibility
for any death and injury the
following cringe may cause

Cube the sphere
Wipe off the dust from your eyes
Burn your lies
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Re: [IC] Students of Panau

Postby NeoSacratif » 12 Dec 2017, 22:54

Somewhere in desert, near some village, recently "retaken" by government, a mysterious person is sitting on bench with PDA, watching another enforcer propaganda ad. This person looks like native, but he has sort of accent only natives will detect.

- Силовики. Опять со своей пропагандистской херней. Дизайн отвратителен, идея полная чушь. Эта страна в такой большой ж...

Two enforcers on patrol changed their way and moved to this man. One of them, with machinegun, came closely and asked

- Hey, you, show your passport.

Man said something on native panaunian language. Some woman passing nearby looked around with confusion, but enforcers didn't notice her. While speaking (which was, in fact, swearing), person took a passport out of his pocket. After short check, enforcers, obviously with desire to get someone arrested, left unsatisfied. Man continued to browse his PDA.

(( I will comment sometimes such IC news while roleplaying my new character - I might return to server once as this character, but only for RP, meaning I doubt my character will join any faction.

And I doubt anyone cares about that :rolleyes: ))
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Re: [IC] Students of Panau

Postby xXx_mlgpro420XD_xXx » 13 Dec 2017, 06:41

As Fabian was patrolling the Roach HQ, he heard the beep beep from his PDA
He took out his PDA from his right pocket. It was an email from one of his close friends!

Hey, check this out - A video was attached along with the email

Errr.....what? Is this a commercial video..? Erm...Okay..

After watching the whole video, he then replied the email.

Oh hey I couldn't focus on the video, that girl in the video looks too cute. That's an ad, right?
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