[IC] Melambak Pact

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[IC] Melambak Pact

Postby Logywoo2 » 08 May 2018, 19:48

The Commander of the Reapers, Jacob Wolf Orca, the Boss of the Roaches, Shella Atreides Shay, and the General of the Enforcers, Logan Oneill, at the City of Melambak on the 6th of May of the year 2018 approve the following Pact in its entirety.


Section A - Economy.

Section A - Article 1
All active personnel, including all kinds of military, fighters and civilians living under the protection of the signing factions, are allowed to trade non-military goods and vehicles, in order to ensure the satisfaction of all personal needs, as well as to take the first step in rebuilding the internal economy of the Nation.

Section A - Article 2
All active members of the signing factions, that have reached a considerate level of trust, with the rank of Guerilla, Prospect and Sergeant, respectively, are allowed to perform all kinds of AS trade excluding: AH-33 Topachula, Sivirkin 15 Havoc, UH-12 Firebolt, SI-47 Leopard and G9 Eclipse. Guerillas, Prospects and Sergeants are only allowed to trade the vehicles mentioned above if given permission by their superiors and leaders.

Section A - Article 3
All active members of the signing factions, that have reached a considerate level of trust and leading responsibility ((R4 and R5)), are allowed to trade and sell military and weaponized vehicles to members of the other faction.

Section A - Article 4
Taxes applied to imported and exported goods and vehicles are to be stabilized to the same levels as of the government of Papa Panay, by the signing factions, with the exception of steel and aluminium. Due to recent events the tax on steel and aluminium is to be raised by 3%. Such measures are of the outmost importance for the re-adaptation of the Nation's economy to the global markets, as well as an attempt to join the ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA)

Section B - Logistic and Scientific Cooperation.

Section B - Article 1
Component dealers the signing factions are not to be harmed physically or mentally during the process of their designated function, nor are they to have any form of taxes levied against them under any circumstances.

Section B - Article 2
Vehicles found or stolen are to be promptly returned to the faction from whence they came, and said action is to be properly reported to the faction members or representatives.

Section B - Article 2.1
Vehicles stolen during a territorial or resource conflict ((capture or mission)) between the signing factions do not fall under Section B Article 2, and are not required to be returned if they are still operational when said conflict ends.

Section B - Article 3
Medics and Scientists of the signing factions are to cooperate both in research and in the medical treatment of civilians that live under the protection of the signing factions. In addition, a scientific committee will be created in order to participate in international conferences.

Section B - Article 4
The signing factions must provide equal aid and protection to civilian populations living under the protection of the same signing factions.

Section B - Article 4.1
The signing factions agree to safely and respectfully escort the civilian population out of any designated conflict location before initiating an attack on one another.

Section B - Article 4.2
The signing factions must aid civilians of any other signing faction in the case of natural disasters or epidemics.

Section B - Article 4.3
The signing factions must provide aid and protection to the civilian population living under the protection of any of the signing factions, in case of enemy attacks, without interfering in the fight taking place. If civilians are targeted by hostile forces, a civilian protective force will fight defensively.

Section C - Military Procedures.

Section C - Article 1
The signing factions have the right to fight each other over Territory ((captures)) and Resources ((missions)), as long as all members act in accordance with the IHL (International Humanitarian Law).

Section C - Article 2
Hostilities are to cease immediately after the message indicating the end of a Territorial ((capture)) or Resource ((mission)) conflict is transmitted to each faction member's radio by their respective Outposts, regardless of the outcome.

Section C - Article 3
Outside the conflicts mentioned in Section C - Articles 1 and 2, the forces of the signing factions shall not fight under any circumstance.

Section C - Article 4
If any of the signing factions are allied on a Resource Conflict ((mission)), and the result is an armed or military vehicle, the vehicle will belong to the faction that has more units deployed near the vehicle when the message indicating the end of the operation is transmitted by their respective Outposts, unless ownership of the vehicle is otherwise agreed upon by representatives from the allied factions.

Section C - Article 4.1
Regarding Section C Article 4, if the allied factions have the same number of units deployed and a decision can not be otherwise reached, the highest rank present at the scene from each faction will play a simple game of coin or dice to decide what faction takes the vehicle.

Section D - Intelligence.

Section D - Article 1
Prisoners captured from any of the signing factions are to be immediately released, and no prisoners are to be made in the future from the same factions.

Section D - Article 2

All spies and agents undercover in the signing factions are to be recalled from their assignments, without punishment or repercussions, and no future assignments for said agents are to be undertaken against any of the signing factions.

Section D - Article 3
Non-confidential information regarding foreign affairs and national security is to be shared freely between the specialized agents of each signing faction

Section E - Foreign Relations.

Section E - Article 1
A Foreign Relations Committee must be elected, with an equal number of members from each faction, in order to help represent the nation in International and Foreign Affairs.

Section E - Article 2
In the case of a threat to national security, a Chain of Command will be elected containing members from each of the signing factions, with one leader that will have full control over military maneuvers against foreign invaders and spies.

Section E - Article 2.1
A Speaker of will be elected after the formation of the Committee. The Speaker of the Foreign Relations Committee is independent from the politics of the signing factions.

Section E - Article 2.1.1
The Speaker is incumbent for 2 years. ((1 Month irl))
The Speaker election will be made subsequently.

Section E - Article 2.1.2
Unless there are internal conflicts, the Speaker can be in office for only two terms.

Section E - Article 2.1.3
In the event of internal conflicts, the Speaker is able to maintain office to resolve the conflict, after the end of the event, the Speaker will resign.

Section E - Article 2.2
Under the command of the individual mentioned in Section E Article 2, the signing factions are to have Full Military Cooperation in the defense of our Nation against foreign invaders or other threats to national security.

Section F - Pact Integrity.

Section F - Article 1
A council is to be created, by the individuals signing this Pact, for the regulation and enforcement of the establishments of this Pact.

Section F - Article 2
Rectifications of this Pact can be added if agreed on by all represented factions.

Section F - Article 3
This Pact has been approved and signed as the first step towards the stabilization of Panau, and eventually an end to the civil war that has destroyed our nation for so many years, in the City of Melambak, on the 6th of May of the Year 2018 by the following leaders and representatives from the Reapers, the Roaches, and the Enforcers:

Jacob Wolf Orca - Commander of the Reapers
Robin Pike - Avenger of the Reapers
Lilith Wolfly Micheals - Head Commissar of the Reapers

Shella Atreides Shay - Boss of the Roaches
Rico Atreides Shay - Excutive Officer of Roaches High Command
Yiong Atreides Sarron - Roaches High Command Correspondent

Logan Oneill - Supreme General of the Enforcers
Alice Toast Michaels - Assistant General of the Enforcers
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Re: [IC] Melambak Pact

Postby Logywoo2 » 09 Sep 2018, 23:52

From this day forwards Article 2 and 3 of Section C are no longer required to be followed against the Reapers due to the continuous violations from their higher ranking members. In regards to trades, they no longer have to be done, unless officers on duty would like to do them, due to many violations of Reaper members attacking our soldiers after conflicts ((Missions and Captures)). As of now this takes place immediately until one high ranking officer from both factions have a meeting to discuss the matter.
That is all for now.
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