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[IC] Cerebrus Mental Asylum

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Cerebrus Mental Asylum is owned, managed, and run by Vulcan Klimuk. The asylum aims to provide services to the mentally ill people of Panau, doing what it can to care for and treat them. Cerebrus Mental also deals with usual medical needs of people, offering consultations and checkups. Cerebrus Mental Asylum is currently looking for staff to fill the institution.

Welcome to the official website of Cerebrus Mental Asylum
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» Staff of Cerebrus Mental Asylum

History of Cerebrus Mental Asylum for the Criminally Insane
Upon realizing his life lacked purpose, Dr Vulcan Klimuk decided to dedicate his knowledge and expertise to helping people. As of this, he dedicated time, money and his days to re-launch Klimuk Practitioner Service as an asylum for the criminally insane. Over his years in Panau, he noted how many mentally unstable people there are on the island, but furthermore noted the lack of services for them. The doctor decided these people needed a place for rehabilitation and treatment, but not at the cost of what KPS was about. The institution still offers services to those still in good mental health.

Doctors: Dr Vulcan Klimuk
Security: ---

Facilities and Care
The island of Pekan Kemilau, being the former home of KPS, houses some of the best medical equipment on the island today. Each patient will have his/her own room, with padded walls for safety. These rooms come outfitted with a functioning toilet, desk and bed. Patients are allowed one possession from home, but if it found unsuitable it will be removed. They get one slip of paper a day to draw, write and do whatever they please with. Due to security issues however, they are only allowed soft crayons to use. For more violent and troubled patients, there are three solitary confinement rooms, but we shall not go into detail.

Patients receive three meals a day. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. However, if the patients are in need of discipline, they may only receive one. Our nurses are highly trained and can easily handle most patients. Our security guards are all Ex-Military or Ex-Police, making them extremely capable.

Location and Security
Pekan Kemilau is connected to the mainland by a bridge, with it being the only exit. The perimeter is surrounded by electrified fences topped with barbed wire, making escape virtually impossible. Security patrols are permanently circling the island, with at least five guards posted along the fence at all times, and one for every three inmates on the island. Boat patrols also circle the island hourly. Each guard is armed and have permission to shoot if needed. Patients may be restrained in straight-jackets if needed. All medical procedures for the sane are conducted in the medical office to the west of the island.

Staff of Cerebrus Mental Asylum
Cerebrus Mental is currently severely understaffed in terms of medical staff, with only the head doctor. However, more guards are always appreciated. Doctors from medical and psychological field are able to apply.

To apply for a position, please use this format:

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[color=#777]Full name[/color]


Applying for
[color=#777]Medical Position/Security Position[/color]

Describe desired activities
[color=#777]Write here[/color]

Why are you applying for this position
[color=#777]Write here[/color]

How can you be helpful to us
[color=#777]Write here[/color]

Employment history

Criminal records

Documents attached

If you believe a friend or family member needs to be admitted to the asylum, contact anyone on the ‘Doctors’ roster and they will fill out a form and make an appointment.

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