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[IC] The Serpentino Brotherhood

Postby Buffalo » 06 Apr 2014, 17:53

Attention citizens of Panau. Lot has gone down lately and what you have heard might not necessarily be all true. As you can imagine Government news sources are not completely trustable. They will obviously present things in their advantage. Our organization is here to present the truth.

Let's look at Enforcers here and take an insight in what they are actually doing. You might think that their current general Denis is the hero of the day. Think twice. We've received numerous leads indicating that the man has lost himself with his power. He might look like he is a team player and closely working with the government but in reality he acts with his own authority and claims to be leading the most powerful faction and assaults rebel factions constantly even though they would have calmed down which is wasteful.

This is not all. In the recent events Denis Marusich has acted with his own authority by executing several rebel leaders and members without any trials. We also have leads that one particular leader was tortured in the most disgusting ways possible. Why? For their own enjoyment before his public execution which wasn't discussed with the government at all.

Why are we telling you this? We want to make people aware of the situation, of the truth. Our organization is not to be messed with and we have more similiar reveals for the future if it is necessary.

We are available for contact.


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