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[IC] Panau Fire Department

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Panau Fire Department


Welcome to the Panau Fire Department - leading integrated fire and emergency services for a safer Panau. Our main core values are Serving our Community, Integrity, Comradeship and Skill. The Panau Fire Department was a small organization formed by David Montes and Jason Romero back in 2014. The organization is now known nation wide and is part of the 911 Emergency Call Centre. The main attence by the Panau Fire Service is fire fighting, technical rescue, fire investigation, and emergency medical services. We have four regions throughout Panau. The organization is a charity and most of our Station Funding, Construction and Equipment is donated by the faction who covers the Region. The Government covers funds for our Salaries and the management of our National HQ.

Station Locations

Panau Fire Department has four Regions within Panau. Each Region has a "Regional Operations Commander" who is incharge of the day-to-day running and management of that region, aswell as assist the Station Manager's with any issues they may have. Shown below is a Map which displays Region Locations, Station Locations and our National HQ/911 Call Taker Centre.

We're constantly trying our best to work with the people of Panau to establish more Stations around the Country. We will always try our best to have a response time of 3-5 minutes or less. Feel free to pop in and visit the National HQ if you have any questions, comments, concerns or if you would like to register your interest in volunteering for the Panau Fire Service. We have recently purchased our National HQ from a Small Contracting Service and we're very excited about the new building.

Red Dot: National HQ // 911 Call Taking Centre
Orange Dot: Station Locations


Past National Commanders (NC)

We would like to thank and commend the following people for there efforts and dedications towards the Panau Fire Department. Our current National Commander is Jake Calloway, he was appointed by the Panau Government on the 25th of April 2017.

David Montes: June 14th 2014 - Uknown
Jason Romero: June 14th 2014 - July 13th 2014
Jared Tao: June 14th 2014 - Uknown
Micheal Travis: Jne 14th 2014 - December 18th 2014
Quercus Alba: June 24th 2014 - July 13th 2014
Johnny Rose: December 19th 2014 - January 6th
James Le Bon: January 11th 2015 - August 5 2015
Darius Merlin: August 5 2015 - April 25 2017
Jake Calloway: April 25 2017 - Present

Our People

Jake Calloway
National Commander

[email protected]

Empty - Apply Now!
Regional Operations Manager - Region 001

[email protected]

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Regional Operations Manager - Region 002

[email protected]

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Regional Operations Manager - Region 003

[email protected]

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Regional Operations Manager - Region 004

[email protected]

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Emergency Call Taker Supervisor

[email protected]

Station Management

Region 001 - Nill
Region 002 - Nill
Region 003 - Nill
Region 004 - Nill

Rank Insignia

National Commander
Responsible for the running of the Panau Fire Department

Regional Operations Manager
Responsible for the running of there Region and working closely with the Station Managers to promote fire safety, improve response time and too make the region a safer place

Emergency Call Taker Supervisor
Responsible for the management of the 911 Call Centre

Station Manager
Responsible for the management of the Fire Station, Staff wellbeing, Vehicles and Equipment

Senior Firefighter
A firefighter who has completed training from the Station Officer and has been approved by the ROM/Government (( Firefighter l/ll ))

Responsible for responding to calls in their unit. Reports to their Station Manager. May be asked to respond to calls in other Regions if assistance is required. Can completed official training to become a Senior Firefighter.

First Responder
All Faction Medics and Civilians are eligible to become First Responders. First Responders are the Medical Team of the PDF and have a Diploma in Advanced First Aid. They will assist the PDF with any Medical Emergencies they may have.

Dispatchers take emergency calls, track and direct PFD resources, and provide communications support during missions. While on duty, all PFD personnel shall have their radio set to frequency 91.1. If a Dispatcher is on duty, they will monitor this channel and use it for communications with PFD.


To apply for a positon with the Panau Fire Service, please contact National Commander Jake Calloway. (( Forum PM ))
Faction Members may be accepted in the PDF but will remain Volunteers and not Paid Staff.

Positions Available:

Regional Operations Commander: Region 001, Region 002, Region 003, Region 004
Emergency Call Taker Supervisor
Station Manager: Region 001, Region 002, Region 003, Region 004
First Responders

Application Format:

Full Name:
Position Applying For:
Desired Activities in this Positon:
What can I bring to the Role:
Additional Information:


Upon, joining the Panau Fire Department you will under go Basic Training in how our systems work. You can apply to become a Qualified Firefighter and obtain training from your Station Manager or Regional Operations Commander. You will then be promoted to Senior Firefighter. (( Apply for a License via the Government ))

Our training Manual can be found here: Training Manual

Community Support

The Panau Fire Department is not fully Government Funded and Donations is the base line of our organization. If you're interested in joining the PDF Supports Scheme, please contact the Regional Operations Commander or the National Commander for more information.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, comments or concerns or you wish to become a part of the Panau Fire Department please contact National Commander Jake Calloway.

[email protected]
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