[IC] New Panau Fire Department (PFD) (Project closed)

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[IC] New Panau Fire Department (PFD) (Project closed)

Postby Vaim » 30 Aug 2014, 18:43

Panau Fire Department Project closed cause of too low activity and support over three month.

Hello civilians of Panau!!

We are the Panau Fire Department! We are here to serve you!
(( The purpose of this is to create a as realistic as possible firefighters experience withing the limits of JC2MP.))


We have a new HQ now. In a military base called Kem Harimau at x:27622 y:17236

Contact the PFD

How to contact us:

We got a few very easy ways to contact us all our units are on the radio freq 91.1 ((type /freq 91.1 and talk with /r))

Or you can contact by messaging the firefighters ((type /srv firefighter [message]))

Or you email one of our active firefighters ((type /e [name] [message]))

Our workers will contact you ASAP ((If no firefighters are on head to to village and get the fire stopped. Please report to any firefighters if you do ))

PFD Ranks

The PFD Member with the higthes rank has the command!
((Currently there is no real support for any roles so you need to fully roleplay them!))

R6 Chief: The commandant of the PFD you are in charge of what happens inside the PFD, you also be the face of the PFD and answer questions and complains about the PFD. (You won’t get this role without being promoted by all other Chiefs.)

R5 Captain: Captain are very loyal PFD Members and can replace Chiefs there are also able to train Recruites. (You can be promoted to this rank by a Chief every Chief can only promot one Captian.)

R4 Lieutenant: Loyal PFD Members often active and with much experience in emergencys.They are able to train Recruits.

R3 Worker: Loyal PFD Members active and with experiences in emergencys.
(Promotion 7days after become R2)

R2 Volunteer: PFD Members sometimes active and helpful in emergencys.
(Promotion requires a training by a Recruiter.)

R1 Recruits: Choosen civilians who wanna be a PFD Member.
(Must be choosen by a PFD Member with rank Worker or higther.)

PFD Members and thier rank

Member IC: Lina Green
Rank: Chief (R6)
Details IC (optional):Sister of Vice President Catherine Green

Member IC: Dean Pelton
Rank: Recruit (R1)
Details IC (optional):

Member IC: John Walsh
Rank: Recruit (R1)
Details IC (optional):

Member IC: Johna Kinlock
Rank: Enforcer Dispatch
Details IC (optional): Not PFD Member !!! He hold the Enf. Dispatch Line

Member IC: Whip Whitaker
Rank: Leader of the RPAS Airlines
Details IC (optional): Not PFD Member !!!

How to become a Firefigther ?

Speak with a PFD Member with Rank worker or higther after promotion to Recruit contact a Recruiter or send him a private message.

The current Recruiter are:
- Lina Green

Im a Firefigther what now ?

If there isnt a emergency:
2.find recruits
3.deliverys did also work

In emergency:
1.If you get a call try to find out what happends (Fire, accident and so on....)
2.Try to find out were it happends, that didnt must be the place were the call come from
3.Contact other PFD and emergency units use the radio channel for that
4.Try to find the fastest way to the emergency use every vehicle for that
5.In server supportet missions (Fire ,animals in trees) you must always arrive at the emergency in a Firetruck (spawn them into a nearby village or city) Then stay near the fire with the truck to complete the misson.
6.If the mission isnt serversupportet (accidents for example) try to arrive there with a Medivac,plane or a other car of your choisse (try to find a vehicle wich is realisitc in the situation)

All mission if server supported or not need alot of roleplay so do your best to make the situation as realistic as possible.Dont forgett the uniform in emergencys (/skin 0)

The PFD is a completely peaceful and passive faction we help everyone cause every other faction need us. We can enter every location in emergency.If you were attacked by someone message the faction the attacker come from and his name and what he done. The faction will report him then.
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Re: [IC] New Panau Fire Department (PFD)

Postby Vaim » 07 Sep 2014, 19:12

I am sad to say i hold that project for 3 month now it is impossible to find new members so i decide to let the project fall........ A difficulty decision..... Every Firefigther is still pleased to do what he can to save locations and civilians.......

Sadly and in hope for better times,

PFD Chief Lina Green
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Re: [IC] New Panau Fire Department (PFD)

Postby Jason Valkyrie » 08 Sep 2014, 06:59

Such a shame! now who will put out the fires :D

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Re: [IC] New Panau Fire Department (PFD)

Postby Adi Penyembuh » 08 Sep 2014, 07:11

((I know its hard to keep members if I could move my business to the side I'd join asap))
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Re: [IC] New Panau Fire Department (PFD)

Postby Frekant » 08 Sep 2014, 08:13

((I created, got helped. You took over, took the PFD to greatness... But everything has to end some time..))
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Re: [IC] New Panau Fire Department (PFD)

Postby Vaim » 08 Sep 2014, 18:34

Jason Lee Valkyrie wrote:Such a shame! now who will put out the fires :D

Dont care there are still Firefigthers in Panau ;)
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Re: [IC] New Panau Fire Department (PFD)

Postby Nathan Baker » 08 Sep 2014, 18:42

If I had knew, I would of signed up straight away!

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Re: [IC] New Panau Fire Department (PFD)

Postby Blackshad0w » 08 Sep 2014, 21:16

The Deathwatch will be donating one of its old Barges to the New PFD to show its support for the civilian agency, many a crew have fallen to the flames of fires. Perhaps the barge can help transport fire rescue vehicles to islands and bring water to battle the heat.
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