[IC] Royal Panauan Transport Service

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[IC] Royal Panauan Transport Service

Postby Panauan Transport » 25 Oct 2014, 10:02

Welcome to the Royal Panauan Transport Service,

I am Micheal Travis and I am the CEO of the Transport Service, here at the transport service we provide the following services:

Public Taxis - Cost May Vary minimum $150 - Under 4 people not faction transport.
Public Bus - Tickets $200 - Over 4 people - Not faction transport.
Faction Bus - Tickets $10,000 (Payed by faction not per person)
Limousine - Tickets $2500 - Need Peacekeepers and Agents as Drivers - Faction R3+ ONLY

If needed security can be arranged.

Jerry Travis
Liz Trooper/Travis
Liam Travis
Lisa Tansen
Vlad Tepes Heart
Liz Heather

Cheif Executive Officer (CEO) - Micheal Travis
Director of Finance - Vlad Tepes Heart
Director of Transport - Jerry Travis
Advertising Agent - RECRUITING NOW
Head of Security - Rut Micheals
Executive Security Officer -
Drivers : (SEE ABOVE)


Current Contracts:
Awan Cendawan Nuclear Power Plant
White Bay Club
Panau Racing Club

We also own the Panau Rent-A-Car,all info is provided on the external page.

Many Thanks
Micheal Travis

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Panauan Transport
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Re: [IC] Royal Panauan Transport Service

Postby ..... » 25 Oct 2014, 10:43

(( An alternate account for one service? Huh? ))

When will your first bus be run, Mr. Travis?
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Re: [IC] Royal Panauan Transport Service

Postby Agent Fields » 25 Oct 2014, 12:04

Josh Crowe wrote:(( An alternate account for one service? Huh? ))

(( It's easier that way, you can for example share the account with the other members of the company. I did the same with A&R and it was worth it. ))
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Re: [IC] Royal Panauan Transport Service

Postby Cassie Henderson » 06 Nov 2014, 09:53

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Re: [IC] Royal Panauan Transport Service

Postby McDollar-Z » 06 Nov 2014, 16:11

Name: Rajjan David Savant
Faction (Apply Acronym Only e.g. UB; RCH; RPR; ENF; GOV): ENF
Rank: Sergeant (R3)
Role: Dispatcher; Co-HoD; ENFATC Trainer
Role Applying For: Security
Reason For Applying: I noticed there is an open spot for security, I believe I can help in security matters. I am a trained soldier, polite gentleman, friend-full man yet strict teacher. Please get back to me ASAP, please and thank you!

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Re: [IC] Royal Panauan Transport Service

Postby EnforcersForLife3456 » 06 Nov 2014, 17:09

The defenders are happy to assist in the defending the limos and buses if you believe it is necessary.
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