[4th September]White Coral Bay Party.

[4th September]White Coral Bay Party.

Postby Simon Le Bon » 01 Sep 2015, 13:47

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Everyone is again invited along to White Coral Bay in order to relax and socialize in Panau's most exclusive club! The club's usual rules apply of no military uniforms or weapons on site during open hours. We will be serving our usual range of drinks and small snacks all night on the bar and music will be played throughout the night inside and on the roof space of the club.

Customers are allowed free use of the onsite car parking and boats are permitted to moor on the side of the club, we ask that you refrain from bringing aircraft where possible (also bear in mind at payday all vehicles will go black and inaccessible to anyone outside of gov -_-). Any queries contact Simon Le Bon for details.

Entry to the club will be charged at 75% of the standard rate for one night only, costing just $3750 per person.
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Re: [4th September]White Coral Bay Party.

Postby Mario Castelli » 03 Sep 2015, 00:40

13 GMT is a little early for me... I might come if I can make it but unfortunately it's unlikely.
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