[IC] Department Structure

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[IC] Department Structure

Postby Walter Ozias » 22 Jul 2015, 06:54

Economics Management Branch
Responsible for companies, licences, and minimum standards of labour and work.

Responsible for employment in Panau, training and social security.

Responsible for energy production and regulation.

Licensed Civilians
Employed residents of Panau with a diverse role.

Law Enforcement Branch
Responsible for security of Panau territory and cooperation with Enforcers.

In charge of laws and court trials, overseeing elections and maintaning the legal system.

Internal Affairs
Responsible for investigating incidents and professional misconduct along with PBI.

Regular patrols and investigations.

Panauan Bureau of Investigation
Security concerns, counterintelligence and reconnaissance.

Human Services Branch
Responsible for schools and universities of Panau.

Responsible for Panau's medical institutions, promoting and protecting public health.

In charge of Panau transportation and road safety.

Public Communication Branch
Foreign Affairs
In charge of Panau's foreign affairs, including international agreements.

Responsible for dealing with information matters, including ads and announcements.

Public Relations
In charge of communication with civilians and public affairs.

Environmental Exploration Branch
Responsible for protecting natural environment and promoting wildlife conservation.

Responsible for supporting science researches in Panau.
Work closely with medical department where needed to help with cures.
Ensure Panau's electricity and water systems are maintained.
– Vice President of Panau, Walter Ozias.
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Re: [IC] Department Structure

Postby Zed Hawk » 21 Mar 2017, 00:21

(( that would be fun when everything active in govt too ))
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