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[IC] PBI - Public Website

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((This website is accessible via a link on the Government website. We're always looking for people to engage with, so if you're interested in roleplaying with us, either as a criminal, witness, victim or anything else, let us now. If you want to join, please make an application in the Government subforum))

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The PBI, or Panau Bureau of Investigation, is a law enforcement agency within the Government, specializing in national security, anti-terrorism and major crimes. From the very beginning, we've been working tirelessly to ensure the safety of the People of Panau, by investigating threats, arresting suspects and solving crimes. We work behind the scenes to create an invisible barrier between enemies of Panau and her people, always staying one step ahead of the criminals.

The PBI was founded during the presidency of George Claytron as a response to the ever-present threat from various rebellious factions and crime groups. Since then, the PBI has been a vital tool in combating everything from domestic terrorism and nation-wide crimes to cyber crimes and corruption.
The PBI work alongside The Enforcers, the Peacekeepers and every law-abiding citizen to carry Panau towards a brighter, more secure future.

A large portion of PBI work involves travelling around Panau to interact with the public, to gather intelligence and to build up case files. This allows our agents to get to know the Island better, both through its people and through its stories. However, we are also law enforcement agents, which means that we'll encounter violent criminals constantly, often on a daily basis. PBI agents are here to help you, the people. All PBI agents are required to show ID if asked, so if you're ever unsure about the authenticity of an agent, feel free to ask them for proof.

Preventing and solving crime is no easy task, but we have the advantage of employing the most dedicated, skilled and versatile people in Panau. Our agents come from a myriad of different backgrounds, from IT technicians to English teachers, bringing with them unique experiences and skills that gives us an edge against the enemies of Panau.

If you feel a desire to make a difference, to stand up for the weak, and to protect your own, fill in one of these forms and send them to us here. We're always looking for skilled, motivated people to join our team. We offer competitive salary, thorough training and custom-tailored suits.

If you want to contact us, please use the link below. We'll answer most questions, but we maintain the right to withhold classified information, or information not suited for the public.
- PBI Head Office

If you want to provide information or a tip about a crime, a criminal, or anything else that might be of interest, please contact the corresponding branch. Information leading to the capture of a wanted suspect may be eligible for a monetary reward. If you have information that doesn't fit any branch, please use this link.

If you have tips or information about homicides, organized crimes, bank robberies or corruption, please contact the CIRP branch of the PBI.
- CIRP, Main Office

If you have tips or information about domestic terrorism, espionage or someone on the Top 10 wanted list, please contact the Intelligence branch of the PBI.
- Intelligence, Main Office

If you have tips or information about fraud, identity theft, cyber crimes and -terrorism, or general information about a suspect, please contact the TISC branch of the PBI.
- TISC, Main Office

Name: Ashworth Hallet
Nationality: Australian
About: Ashworth Hallet is a former police detective and PBI agent who is wanted for murder, terrorism and treason. Believed to be mentally unstable and highly dangerous. Possibly armed.
Notable features: Major damage to left arm. Formerly associated with the rebel group known as the Reapers.
Reward: 10.000$-40.000$

Notable features:

((The PBI is a branch of government law enforcement, loosely inspired by the real world FBI. While the existence of the bureau, and the identity of the current director is public knowledge, the identity of the employed agents aren't.))

((Credit to Jing Keyuan for the picture and his work for the PBI
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