[IC] Vandalism on Government property

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[IC] Vandalism on Government property

Postby fyrix » 01 Mar 2016, 17:06

During the late hours of the night vandals were reportedly seen in Government HQ wearing all black with Hockey Masks over their faces. All of different builds, the vandals were captured on CCTV spray painting logos and explicit words onto Government property whilst Enforcer Guards were particularly unaware. A notable building which is detached from Government HQ on the coast that includes a private runway and dock area was particularly vandalized including the vehicles inside. A reoccurring logo was seen on the vehicles and glass panes.



Many Government officials were extremely offended when a mannequin was left hanging from a nearby tree with a rope by it's neck. The mannequin was dressed and looked extremely similar to a former president with the words "Niels Black" spray painted across the chest. The mannequin featured a similar logo. Hired Cleaners and Local Government employees spent the last 12 hours of the early morning till afternoon removing the vandalism.
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Re: [IC] Vandalism on Government property

Postby Adi Penyembuh » 01 Mar 2016, 17:35

Nabil's Sakura Aquila City pulls into the government parking lot as a bunch of pissed off cleaners are smoking and enjoying a tea in the corner

"Jeez these folks just don't let up with the vandalism, here and Melembak seem to be constantly hit with graffiti and posters" Mentions the particularly fat worker

"Hey keeps us in jobs, I often go down and spray a couple of walls just for fun" his darker colleague mentions "it's their tax payers dollars going towards it"

both men laugh as Nabil passes them smiling, he notices something in the bin... two legs sticking out straight....


"Neils Black huh.... oh well this will make a nice coat and hat hanger" He laughs as he takes it out and drags it to his office

"One mans trash is anothers treasure" walking past the graffiti covered security cameras
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