[IC] Missing Person Report: Stanley Richard

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[IC] Missing Person Report: Stanley Richard

Postby Kennedy » 03 Mar 2016, 00:16

Missing Person
Stanley Richard
Filed by the Peacekeeper Department
Last known photo of Stanley Richard before his disappearance.

On the 29ᵗʰ February 2016, Former CEO of RSO, Stanley Richard was announced missing. After some investigation it was known that Stanley Richard sailed the waters of Panau for many months after his retirement. His last known location was at Paya Luas, a large airport for RSO operations. The Peacekeeper department are attempting to gain a search warrant for the property to find any information on were Stanley Richards could be. Some of the RSO employees noticied unusual behavior by Mr Richards in the lead up to his disappearance.

Any information regarding the disappearance of Stanley Richard should be directed to the Peacekeeper Department.
A follow up investigation will be made public when we receive more information and evidence on the matter of the disappearance.

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