[IC] Declassified Case File: Pelacuran

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[IC] Declassified Case File: Pelacuran

Postby Atunes Enfermos » 13 Mar 2017, 10:47

Atunes Enfermos wrote:
Case File: 080317
Codename: Pelacuran
Status: Closed - Charges dropped
Investigating Officer: Alejandro Perez Atunes
Suspect: Lucas Hatsumi Vizla "Gremory"
Crimes: 3.7.5 - Brothel Keeping; 3.6.6 - Possesion with intent to supply of Class A substances; 3.3 - Assault of a government official

Officer's report:
I was investigating a leaked message about an illegal program taking place at the Mile High Club, I stumbled across a man claiming to be the proprietor of the place.
He called himself "Gremory".
He kept looking nervously to a back door, which was revealed to contain an orgy of prostitutes and Class A substances.
Upon this discovery, he placed a gun to my head and muttered something about me being too nosy. I shot my revolver to distract him whilst I tackled him to the ground and liberated him of his wallet and keys. He fired a shot at me, and when I was recovering, he grabbed a parachute and jumped off the Mile High Club. I took the statements of the present prostitutes, but most could not speak English. One said that the suspect had fled in a plane that was stored on an island below, but this is not confirmed.

Evidence: Evidence #1

Closed and declassified by Assistant Director of the PBI James Roth Solomon
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Re: [IC] Declassified Case File: Pelacuran

Postby Asst. D. Solomon » 13 Mar 2017, 23:38

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