[IC] Issue #B18F - Alejandro Perez Atunes

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[IC] Issue #B18F - Alejandro Perez Atunes

Postby Patepostimies » 13 Apr 2017, 16:38

To relevant parties in the Justice, Internal Affairs, Security and PBI departments.

This is a formal request from the Executive Officer of the Enforcers to conduct an investigation of one Alejandro Perez Atunes. Since his appointment in the Peacekeeping department he has been conducting multiple investigations on the Enforcers with questionable means and methods. Such methods include blackmail and perjury as there currently is a warrant on one of our Sergeants for holding to his right to remain silent. It is as if we are systematically being targeted all of a sudden, so I question their loyalty. Internal issues of the Enforcers are handled by ENFPOL and court martial so I would appreciate that your people would not overstep their boundaries. We look forward to dealing with the issue through ENFPOL and hope to hear from you as soon as possible.

The Enforcers have ceased contact with the Peacekeeping department until their involvement has been resolved.


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