[IC] Declassified Case File: O Chefão

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[IC] Declassified Case File: O Chefão

Postby Atunes Enfermos » 23 Apr 2017, 12:50

Atunes Enfermos wrote:
Case File: 01482
Codename: O Chefão
Status: Closed
Investigating Officers: Alejandro Perez Atunes; Svein Joar Halvorsen
Suspect: ██████████████
Crimes: Suspected of 3.4 - Treason

12/05/2017 - Having seen the propaganda video leaked to local news sources, I have decided to investigate the current ████████ of the Enforcers, ██████████████, and his immediate family through a series of interviews with his subordinates and other parties.


It is clear from these two interviews that ████████████████ has festered fanaticism in the Enforcers, so they would follow his orders, even at the expense of the state.
There is no doubt in my mind that if it came to a military coup, the Enforcers would surely forsake their bond to the Government and rally behind his cause.

Update: 12/05/2017
I met with the leader of something called the Inter-factional Secret Service. Sergeant ██████ and Sergeant ████████████████ were present. While in their shadowy headquarters on an island East of Enforcer HQ, they revealed their plot to operate above the law and deal with external threats to Panau without the consent of the Government. When I tried to leave, they abandoned me without any way of escape on the desert island. While typing up this report, they flew overhead PK/PBI HQ and made threats about being very powerful. ████ said that nobody would believe an investigation into the ISS. This makes me question the integrity of the Governmental institutions, as this suggests that there is rampant corruption in the Peacekeepers, PBI and other institutions of the Law Enforcement Branch.

Atunes Enfermos wrote:Update: 15/04/2017
From the recent Lordliness Case, it is evident that the Enforcers as a whole have now started a type of crusade against the Government, spurred by the actions of the ██████████████ that runs it. This time, instead of merely hinting at the possibility of a military coup, another ████████ of the Enforcers (and a ████████, no less) has actually attacked two Government officials. This blatant attack on the Peacekeepers and Panauan Bureau of Investigations , Governmental organisations, shows how little the Enforcers care about the Government. Therefore I am now convinced of an Enforcer conspiracy to overthrow the democratic Government of Panau, and I beg of my colleagues at the Department of Security to take action to prevent this from happening.

Atunes Enfermos wrote:Update: 23/04/2017
Due to a lack of any developments regarding this case, I'm closing it. While there was a reason to investigate the suspect, I don't anymore believe that they are a threat to the Government of Panau.
I will declassify this investigation with some redactions to protect the identity of informants or anyone involved.
Despite this, I will continue to keep an eye on them and this case may be reopened.
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