[IC] Issue #K93N - Cyberattack Sweep

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[IC] Issue #K93N - Cyberattack Sweep

Postby Walter Ozias » 30 Jun 2017, 17:25

Our leading experts in the intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance from Law Enforcement branch have reported a high rate of performed cyberattack attempts within the past week. While most of these attacks were unsuccessful, some were able to spread across several government institutions, specifically qualification centres, hospitals and several bank branches. The damages are still being estimated, but will likely exceed those of previous attacks to date. It seems that the ransomware in question is merely an excuse, and the malware is a part of a plan simply to cripple as many systems, companies and organizations as possible. According to the statements of privately hired security researchers, the people behind the attack wouldn't even have been able to unlock encrypted computers, even if they wanted to. In addition to software damage, there are also several reports about certain private communication services (read: ad networks, e-mail servers and telecommunications) being disrupted, however those are left to local authorities and customers to resolve on their own, as the main focus of our specialists is currently on providing countermeasures against any unknown vulnerabilities, and tackling any appearing complications within the state infrastructure.

– Vice President of Panau, Walter Ozias.
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Re: [IC] Issue #K93N - Cyberattack Sweep

Postby Rups » 01 Jul 2017, 01:38

((This is a crap IC excuse to explain this OOC issue. I'd like my full OOC privileges restored now.))
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Re: [IC] Issue #K93N - Cyberattack Sweep

Postby Brooks » 01 Jul 2017, 01:43

((OOC brackets, since this is an IC topic.))
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Re: [IC] Issue #K93N - Cyberattack Sweep

Postby JINX4675 » 01 Jul 2017, 04:19

((Since this is classified I'm going to assume I can't post ICly here, also I understand this blocking my IC email but what about OOC email, and newbie chat privileges? Or even my ad privileges xD))
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Re: [IC] Issue #K93N - Cyberattack Sweep

Postby krpajda » 01 Jul 2017, 10:34

(( cant be covering for a bug if it was a feature all along ))

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Re: [IC] Issue #K93N - Cyberattack Sweep

Postby Rups » 01 Jul 2017, 12:50

Rupert checked his server, not understanding why he wasn't able to send or receive emails.

Rupert: 'Hmmmm...'

Rupert notices a line of code is missing, and adds it in.

Rupert checks his email and suddenly, success! He is getting and receiving emails again.

Rupert: 'Huzzah!'

Rupert sits at his desk, waiting impatiently for the server admin to give him full access now he found the flaw in the server encryption, ready to take up his R4 duties again.


haruto notices that Rupert sorta fixed his email
"Hmm I guess I'll have a crack at it, I'll also be sure to use better encryption next time I attack the government so they can't trace it back to me"

haruto analyses the lines of server code and notices several minor mistakes and a missing line of code
"Sloppy attempt but it works I guess, hmm if they notice me emailing again they will take more effective measures, I'll just enable the receiving side of it"

haruto is glad he paid a attention in those IT classes in high school and still has access to online guides
"There we go, I can read my emails again"

Haruto smiles to himself while planning his next cyber attack
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