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[IC] Peacekeepers - Fero Londo

Postby Fero Londo » 30 Jul 2017, 00:53

Fero Londo


Applying for

Describe desired activities
Assist those who are hurt most in these wars, the civilians. Make sure no innocent people are harmed. Keep the general peace and make sure the laws of Panau are followed.

Why are you applying for this position
I have been involved in this war for a long time and there is one thing I have learned from it, not the factions are being hurt by it, the civilians are.
They are constantly under fire with no way to protect themselves. I want to help them with the experience I have. Even though I have joined rebel factions I want to better my ways for the people of Panau so that they may live a better life.

How can you be helpful to us
I have much experience with the war and understand how it works, I will be able to keep peace with this. Furthermore I have experience with the Peacekeepers and have been with them in the past. I am an experienced pilot and can fly any type of air vehicle.

Employment history
PK - Unit Chief
PBI - Agent
Enforcers - Major

Criminal records
Association with rebel factions.

Documents attached
Panauan Passport
Panauan Driver License
Panauan Pilot License
Proof of PK and PBI former employment
Andre Ferzi.
Fero Londo

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