[IC] Panau Timur Offshore - Upgrade Request

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[IC] Panau Timur Offshore - Upgrade Request

Postby Isabella Wolfy » 17 Dec 2017, 17:03


Office of the Commanding Officer - Kem Udara Wau Pantas Air Base, East Tanah Raya


Office of the President of Panau - Via VP and relevant Dept of Defense Chain of Command


With the OPEC participating countries agreeing on cutting crude oil production by at least 1.8 million barrels per day, world's oil prices have been soaring through the sky. Upon my latest business trip to Australia, oil prices averaged at upwards of 1200 cents ($P equivalent) per liter. Under a close analysis of the latest news around the world and working closely with former employees with a number of years under their belt who used to work in various Government departments, myself and my two other General staff colleagues jointly propose the following investment opportunity to stimulate our economy, with a view of significant profit in the near future.
The initial outlay of the investment is $P50,000,000. The money will be spent on upgrading our existing infrastructure, namely Panau Timur Offshore Rig, replacing the old hardware with the latest, top of the range electrical and hydraulic systems to better enhance the rig's drilling capacity. In addition, the fund will also be spent on recruiting more staff, and thus additional accommodation modules and upgraded emergency systems. To ensure our social responsibilities are fulfilled, part of the funds will be spent on a brand new water treatment system and upgraded HVAC systems to ensure our surrounding environmental impact is kept to a minimum, and to provide a more comfortable working environment for our workers, in line with the international regulations that our other rig (Panau Selatan Offshore Rig) is in full compliance with.

It is expected that the daily output of the upgraded rig will be at 1600 barrels per day, improved by 400 barrels per day, based on the current output of 1200 barrels. The equivalent incremental revenue is at, assuming we are exporting at $P15900 per barrel (159 liters @ 1000 cents/L), $P6360000. Discounting the total upkeep costs of estimated $P5624320/day with consideration of 4% inflation p.a since the 2015 figure, we will expect a revenue before wages at $P19815680/day. It is expected an additional 100 staff will be recruited with generous sal
ary packages to stimulate the oil industry, therefore total revenue after wages will be expected at $P2315680/day, with a break even period within a month.

This project is therefore highly recommended for our strategic economical development of the country.

By the Supreme General's Command,

Isabella Michaels
Executive Officer


Shawn Michaels
Supreme General
Commanding Officer

E: [email protected]

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Re: [IC] Panau Timur Offshore - Upgrade Request

Postby Walter Ozias » 17 Dec 2017, 17:12

Marked as in-progress by Navin Burford of Defense department.

Monitoring of implementation has been assigned to the Economics Management Branch.
– Vice President of Panau, Walter Ozias.
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