[IC] ReaPairs Inc. Letter to Government

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[IC] ReaPairs Inc. Letter to Government

Postby Jason Valkyrie » 31 Dec 2018, 12:15

Letter only seen by Vice-President Ozias and the Department of Transportation.

ReaPairs Inc.
This is an official Inquiry to the Government.

ReaPairs Inc. is conducting a mega-project to enhance the transportation of goods, and civilians to the Upper Plateau of the Lautan Lama Region.

Exhibit 1.

As seen in Exhibit 1, construction of the Mega-Bridge of Panau is already well underway, but has run into financial difficulty regarding logistics of transportation into the construction area.

Exhibit 2.

The proposed Schematic for bridge construction, optimally placed and evaluated by our Architects and specialized bridge building experts. Current state of the bridge is about 3/4th the way there.

This project is integral for smoother operation of transport to the Upper Lautan Lama Region, all environmental and health/safety issues have been looked at, the PIA authorities have been notified of construction, to prevent any disaster from occuring.

and Thus, considering the circumstances, ReaPairs Inc. would require financial assistance from the Government of Panau to help provide a better infrastructure for the people, and to cut costs on future fuel savings, and delivery times.

Jason Lee, Chairman of ReaPairs Inc.

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