[IC] Issue #A006 - Supply lines

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[IC] Issue #A006 - Supply lines

Postby Patepostimies » 26 Jan 2019, 01:45


Classification level A - Critical

To Mr. President, Vice President, the cabinet and Departments of Industry and Defense.

I come to you with a matter of utmost importance. The war effort was well supplied up until recently. Our funding has been cut, the trucks show up half empty of supplies that were supposed to be delivered yesterday and I can not for the life of me figure out what has gone wrong. Our recent ventures have been nothing but successful returning facilities such as the radar facility, Pulau Berapi prison, Telok Panau Rig and the Tujuh Telaga Airport to their rightful, legal owners. Our performance reviews have been higher than ever, the Government has not had a stronger backing than this. Yet with the rebels held under our heel, we are beginning to struggle. Our men are being overworked around the clock to maintain our stock but it is getting worse by the minute. We have an ongoing investigation into this but we lack information. The tide is rising and it is only a matter of time we will be swallowed whole. We have done our part, now I expect you to do yours.

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Re: Issue #A006 - Supply lines

Postby jordie » 27 Jan 2019, 14:23

hmm a couple months ago we've had a meeting around Tupai Merah, you know, the lil island not so far away in our lands. it was the usual chatter - funding, growth, foreign relations. not much of importance, mostly just to make us look good to citizens and the outside world, a campaign that we need to survive 'cross this chaos, a campaign with no end.. even at how large the riot is now, we can't really afford to grow it even larger, and because of what these jerks did in the past, we just haaave to rely on foreign support for many things, what we have alone is simply not enough.

anyway. from all that waterfall of words, all i can clearly remember now is what was tasked specifically for ours defense dept, and part of that were the plans to make some changes to our deliveries, that we had to notify you guys of, waay back then. we took a chopper to the outpost nearby, i recall it was Timur Beta, to meet the three Majors from Selatan's 23th Division. many extra precautions, since we could not allow for leaks, we passed over all the info about the need of additional supplies for near immediate use in many government bases across, due to how many enforcer soldiers we have to supply with modern weapon equipment and combat vehicles. we commended them for their work, and parted ways since our job there was done, and we had yet another flight to japan for a scheduled meeting.

now i wish i knew what happened to these majors while we had that lame vacation, because browsing through these archives now, i do not find anything good. i wish i wouldn't find anything at all, but i do, it's just not good. an armed rebel assault. severe casualties..

well, the truth is, i do not really have much to say. i'm not the one who enjoys saying "continue doing your best", knowing how little divisions we can support at the same time, even though i'm a suit guy here. we're doing the most of what we can, that i can say with certainty.

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Re: [IC] Issue #A006 - Supply lines

Postby krpajda » 27 Jan 2019, 14:58

Hey, that doesn't sound all that terrible.

Of course, I am not talking about the casualties. Good leadership is always scarce. But if it is just extra supplies needed to secure the facilities, and the borders, of our nation, perhaps there is something we can do to help?

Shame about the secrecy. Wish we would have known sooner, to put all the extra manpower you worry about equipping, to work actually helping with the effort. We are definitely sticking by keeping the base crews happy by showing up every now and then to provide any supplies they may need, of course, just asking about any extra stuff on top of that, that we could do to help.

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