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[IC] Chanel Pixie Orca

Postby Tinkerpell » 23 Jan 2017, 18:11

♡ Chanel ♡

Full Name: Chanel Pixie Orca
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Height: 155cm (5'1")
Eye Color: Amber
Hair Color: Auburn
Blood Type: B
Family: Orca

Chanel revealing her twisted personality
Chanel's signature

Chanel is a self proclaimed "Medical Genius", as well as being a sharp-tongued and quick-witted member of the deadly armed militaristic faction formed by the Government known as the Enforcers.

Chanel is a young girl of below average height, commonly mistaken for being much younger than she really is. She has long auburn hair with light grey ombre dyed down the ends, and wore it in a long ponytail that almost reached the ground, but it was shortened to shoulder-length after becoming an Enforcer. She has a youthful face with big auburn eyes. She was typically seen in a military uniform in favor of dresses and casual wear, and was frequently attired in upper-body armor.

When in battle and speaking about justice, her face can distort into a warped and demented version of itself, which has become her trademark over time.

Chanel has a very relaxed, upbeat with a cheerful personality and often appeared as a kind and compassionate person, but deep down she is ruthless, psychotic and unstable as she was seen to enjoy killing to a high extent those of whom she considered to be evil, almost as if it was a hobby.. Despite that, she has shown to be warm and kind to those she has opened up to. She cares about the Enforcers very much and always worried that one of them may not come back alive. She displays an unstable mental attachment to her fallen comrades as she keeps them as her corpse dolls in the Medical Bay. She also seemed to play with the corpses of those she has killed, as well as keeping loved ones in her pillow collection. Chanel is also not one to tolerate injustice, and can be especially vicious to those who commit the most vile of acts. Upon facing her enemies however, she shows absolutely no mercy towards them shouting words such as "eliminate" and "consign" to show the lack of mercy she has and also to strengthen her resolve to kill them. Chanel has a twisted sense of right and wrong, bordering on a completely black and white view of the world: seeing the authority of the immensely corrupt Government as absolutely right, and it's enemies as pure evil. She was fully committed to her duties and relished fighting for the Enforcers. Her twisted view of justice caused a level of distrust towards her by her own teammates, as well as the entire forces on occasion, as she brutally murdered a group of captured prisoners before her team could interrogate them. This sense of right and wrong is so twisted as she lacks mercy of any kind. She has stated that evil deserves no mercy, which is ironic as that is the one thing which separates justice from vengeance or even common murder. Chanel is ultimately convinced that she is doing the right thing in what she does but her actions tend to be far more brutal and insidious than those of the people she believes to be evil. As noted, she is completely ignorant of the fact that the Enforcers were themselves evil, having framed many people for crimes and had them hanged, while the latter used humans for experiments without any moral reserve. She also has a nasty habit of showing her trademark "crazy face" every time she engages an enemy.

When she presented herself in a calm way, Chanel was eager to help out people in need. She was often seen idolizing her superiors and showing deep sorrow upon hearing the news of their deaths. Overall, taking into account her simplistic view of the world, hero worship, and sometimes childish behavior, Chanel has quite an immature personality with a streak of emotional instability. She has stated a dislike for dressing up during parties or the like, which coincides with her somewhat tomboyish personality. Other than all that, she also loves to eat and is surprisingly known to be a big eater. Food is her passion to the point that she would turned mad when she accidently burned some meat. She is also usually in charge of cooking the Enforcer's meals.

Chanel is a shotgun-happy girl as she would often be seen wielding two shotguns at a time. At times, she would wield a powerful Revolver known as Pixie Petal, legend has it that it was a weapon used by the Pixie Queen during her reign over the island. The exterior design of the Revolver consists of leaves and flower-like shapes, and the barrel resembles a flower. It is capable of shooting in three modes: sniper, machine gun and long barrel. It fires highly concentrated piercing shots of spirit energy. Her proficiency in its uses allows her to strike any target with extreme precision. The energy output is proportional to the user's feeling of danger, and it overheats with continuous usage. The many parts allows her to slash with spirit energy, another allows her to fire quicker shots in succession but this considerably lowers her attack power. Chanel also carries an eye piece stored in a compartment inside her backpack, allowing her to scout and snipe from a distance. She also appears to be quite adept in hand to hand combat, as she was seen sparring during the entry test to the Enforcers.

Her major weakness is that she leaves her back vulnerable to attacks.

She sometimes uses Stealth when there is a need to by waiting for her enemy to get close before killing them in a single hit using needles. She excelled at deception to trick people and let their guard down.

The Blessing
When Chanel and twin-sister Charlotte were children, their parents were forced to sell the sisters away. Raised in the desert, both spent most of their childhood under harsh ridicule and misery from people for her foreign blood. At the age of five, both ran away. Orphaned, the sisters became children who were wanted by no one and was forced to take to the cold streets and rummage through trash bins for scraps of food, even sometimes having to fight off the wild dogs that roamed the streets. In time, she was confronted by twin siblings Prayuth and Tanaya Wolf, which Chanel proclaimed that both of them were a loving couple. They later asked if the sisters wanted to join the family and become an Orca. Back then, the Orcas were a small family clan that seeks out justice and vengeance. The sisters readily accepted, due to the purpose it gave them and devoting their life to bringing justice to the people.

The Journey Begins
At the age of seven, she was given a chance to study in the local school. She manage to complete and graduate within two years and is admired as a prodigy in Panau. She was later sent overseas to further her studies in the Medical Field. She finished her Graduate Diploma in Medicine specializing in Critical care at the age of eleven and continue to get a double-degree in both Medicine and Surgery at the age of fifteen before getting a Masters of Osteopathy Medicine by seventeen, becoming Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.) and currently a Licensed Physician specializing in medicine and surgery. She even have two years of experience working in a hospital in the UK and rose rapidly through the ranks before her contract ended. She was even the youngest surgeon to compete with other much older and senior surgeons for the title of Professor.

Joining the Battle
"Every beginning has an end, and every end has a beginning." After years of leaving Panau, Chanel finally returned to her rightful home. She reunited with her clan and decided to join them in the Enforcers. She applied and was immediately placed in the Medical Unit because of her qualifications. Not only she was close with her family, she has made many close friends which she devotes her life to protect. Although she is still slow during combat, she still tries her very best to keep the soldiers from harms way. But at some point, after many soldiers' deaths, she became dissatisfied and resentful towards the rebels.

The Ultimate Change
Chanel was willing to go to the extent of finding Dr. Klimuk to implant weapons into her body in order to better punish those she considers evil. After finding out her parents were forced to sell her away in order to pay the rebel's protection fees and thus met their ends at the hands of revolutionaries, causing Chanel's extreme thirst for punishing evil. Therefore, Chanel was subjected to cruel treatment as well as forced to ingest experimental drugs, making her body more powerful. Dr. Klimuk developed the Blood Serum that mimicked the effects of the diseases caused by the Skeleton Serum. Klimuk saw the how successful the serum worked in Chanel and immediately made a deal with Chanel's superiors to exchange for 10 Soldier Serums. Klimuk's poison would be used on Chanel's first official mission with her team. The targeted city with said to hold Russian Mafias was said to be poisoned with a fake Skeleton Serum, forcing them to flee. The team was tasked to intercept them as they left the city. They waited for their targets to arrive, taking her doping pills to enhance her strength as she began their attack. The team initially had the advantage against them, but soon the tides began to turn, when Chanel's twin-sister was wounded grievously and their Captain killed by manner of bisection. Heavily wounded and distraught by the death of their comrade, the group returned to base, where they were treated cruelly and locked up. Dr. Klimuk withheld their medication and told them to reflect on their failures in punishment. He then heads to the infirmary and inquires about the status of "number 32", a female doctor informs him that Charlotte is wounded so badly she will never be able to be fighting again, he then enters the room where Charlotte attempts to apologize for her failure, but the leader injects her with a vial, making her fall asleep and the two sisters drafted apart. At some point, after many of Charlotte's comrades deaths, she became dissatisfied and resentful towards the government. It was not until she was sent to kill a Reaper Commander that she finally defected to the Rebels, after being swayed by her words. Her defection from the Empire sparked an intense rivalry between fellow assassin and sister Chanel, along with a mutual desire to be the one to end the other.

Several Years later..
While her sister eventually became aware of the Goverment's evil nature and left it to join Reapers, Chanel did not have this option due to her constant need to rely on medicinal drugs, which only the Government could supply her. Eventually, after having participated in a slaughter with several Rebel soldiers, she was given an order to join back the Enforcers. She later cooperated with the rest of the Enforcers to annihilate Rebel groups, but was evidently disappointed in the level of her opponents. The very next day, she was tasked to chase down a certain Rebel group trying to escape, where she met her sister face-to-face once again. Both fought hard to the end but Chanel, with her strong killing intent and drugs working her, she managed to annihilate the only one related to her in this world. As Charlotte fell on Chanel's lap, accepting her death with a smile, a mentally unstable Chanel rejects the thought of her sister being dead, instead she made herself to believe that her sister has returned to her side. Shedding tears while smiling, she dragged the body back, enslaving Charlotte's corpse and turning her into one of Chanel's dolls. Chanel stops and smiles, happy to keep her sister "alive", even if she won't be the same. She is very happy and often go for tea-parties with her "sister" during her off-days. Chanel later buys cakes and shared it with her "sister" and even invited her fiancée, Logan, which then the latter shocked at what she did to her own sister and declaring how he would protect her.

Several days later, Chanel meets up with her former unit, the Dark Squad along with her old friend Carly. Their mission was to assassinate key Rebel members. Half of the unit splits up, Chanel meets up with an unknown Rebel Commander where they engage in a brief battle until her brother-in-law arrives which prompts her to retreat. During her retreat, her brother-in-law issues Chanel to meet up in the desert to avenge her fiancée's death.

Returning after a failed mission, Chanel is saddened and Logan attempts to cheer her up. Logan tries to persuade her into leaving the dark squad, dropping her drugs, and begs her find something to live for. Again, Logan attempts to stop her by force when she suddenly kisses and renders him unconscious from a punch to his stomach and she leaves to dual for her sister.

Chanel meets up with her brother-in-law at the Lengkok Sungai Gambler's Den which was destroyed by Charlotte's team several years ago. They briefly talk about the past before engaging in combat. The two engaged in battle and thanks to a very powerful drug, Chanel is able to land a couple of blows on him. Just as Chanel's brother-in-law spots an opening and goes in for the kill, which her Revolver, Pixie Petal blocks the bullet.

With her strongest weapon destroyed, Chanel regains her strength and resolves to fight using her own skills. As the battle continues, Chanel becomes slower due to the drugs wearing off. Chanel attempts to ingest more drugs just to beat her brother-in-law only to be stopped by Logan. He speaks about protecting Chanel and called in the Dark Squad to arrest Chanel's brother-in-law. He then declares his love for her which causes her to be conflicted and so she still tries fighting until Logan shoots her weapon and shatters it stating that she needs closure.

After being kissed by Logan, Chanel tearfully asks for him to take her away. Logan announces Chanel's defection from the Dark Squad and he returns to the Enforcers. After the incident's conclusion, Chanel continues to kindle her "sisterly" bond with the late Charlotte. Haunted by the phantoms of the people she's killed, Chanel hallucinates on occasion out of regret for her actions, and by hugging her sister to assure her that she will be all right and the two spend some time together. Chanel continued to live with Logan and would occasionally take out Charlotte to sleep with her. Her life turned around for the better and was said to be happy with her new life.

Promoted to Senior Sergeant, Chanel was given command of her own department in the Enforcers. The Medical Department was then assigned to work alongside ISS to find out more about the Skeleton Serum II, a drug that was re-created in accordance to The Skeleton Doctor's creation. Embo Reid Miller, the ISS Director recalled their first meeting and being puzzled when Chanel recognized him and greeted him as if they were friends for a long time. On the day the collaboration were scheduled to begin working together, Chanel overslept and arrived late for the meeting. Upon seeing Embo, she rushed to meet the other investigator and frisked them in search of snacks. Jeffrey Baker, a Ular Shaman explained to the others that the Ulars had worked together with the ISS on previous cases, and became good friends with Embo. The meeting resumed, with their primary target being Skeleton Serum, who they hoped would lead them to their main suspect -- "The Skeleton Doctor".

-To Be Continued-

-Coming soon-

-Coming soon-

-Coming soon-

○ Chanel is the youngest member of Orca Clan.
○ Her measurements are 82-54-84.
○ Chanel is obsessed with candy apples and goes to festivals just to buy them.

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((this is great stuff, love the layout))

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"wow, its lovely to decorate your own appearance! (said in nice, ignore if my English ruining it :P) "

Great work!
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(( Update : New Content Coming Soon! ))
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(( I did some cleaning up on the lore , some minor details altered and more content will be available soon.. Thank you guys for the support ))
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