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[IC] Josh Valhalla Stinger

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Name: Josh Valhalla Stinger
Gender: Male
Status: Alive
Affiliation: Roaches
Position: Prospect Medic
Known relatives: Alexander Valhalla Haug , Grover Nelson Stinger

Josh Valhalla Stinger started his life of crime working in reapers alongside of his mother Isabella ,and his father Pieter. It was a great time for the most part he was treated right ,and did okay things. He really got into his job when he became a Recruiter which he found out was his calling in life at the time.Eventually Pieter and Isabella adopted his brother which he doesn't have much memory of because he left Panau days later.

he left for America to take a break where he found a girl he love got married adopted a daughter named Sarah with her she was ten at the time. Then his wife got killed weeks later, so he returned to the only thing he knew which was Panau.

Josh returned to Panau after his much needed break but once he came back things weren't what they used to be.He found out his mother left him and his father ,and that his father had a new love interest. It was his old friend Grover who had helped him many times in the past after he did some dumb shit. Josh left for a short time after that to get his head back into the right place after the life he knew so well changed.Once he returned Pieter and Grover got married and life changed forever after that. Josh learned a old friend was just an abusive stepdad ,and then Pieter just vanished for a bit and let it happen. Eventually his uncle Alex stepped down as Commander of Reapers ,and joined Enforcers. After that Josh didn't really know what he was meant to do from there it seems like his job as Recruiter wasn't going anywhere ,and he was tired of the abuse from Grover so he left.

Ulars started off well for him he was working along a good friend of his from Reapers Henri Levi Dylan.Honestly Henri was his best friend and he was the only reason Josh joined Ulars.After some time in Ulars josh didn't like they way Ulars were and what they stood for ,but he stayed anyways and worked his way up to Loyal and left.

Eventually after he left Ulars he joined back to the Reapers with the hope things will be better and he will be treated better but oh was he wrong. He started his life off back in Reapers as a sailor which was great for him because he loved drinking and the sea.He thought things would go great and he ended up seeing a future ,but then just like once before Grover ended up ruining his life again. Grover started his regiment of mental abuse which sent Josh down into a depressed state which led to his drinking getting worse and something else.Eventually Josh couldn't take the pressure anymore and shot himself into the head and survived.

After he shot himself in the head and recovered a Roach named Shella talked to him about joining Roaches. At the time he was a little skeptical about joining them because from a young age he was taught about the communist way.Then he thought about his life in Reapers and decided he'd give Roaches a shot not long after he went back to America.

After surviving his suicide attempt he moved to America with the intent of never returning to Panau. he lived there for many years until he got bored with his life of luxury ,and nothing to do so he came back.

After a long break in America Josh finally returned to Panau and learned that he still had his rank as thug and a chance to work around great people. At the time he still didn't see much of a future in Roaches ,but very soon he would learn these are the people he wants to work with. Eventually he found a girl in Roaches that he really like her name was Syndra they eventually got together and during that time Enforcers started to join Roaches. During that time two of his future best friends ended up joining Robert and Bryce even when they first joined he could always count on them having his back. Sometime after they joined a man Josh looked up to a lot ended up joining or showed up. That man was his uncle, Alex had shown his face in roaches and was the only father figure he had. He gave him the life advice he needed and kept him from doing anything stupid to the best of his ability ,but like all greats theres only so much you can do. Eventually Josh went up against a group he couldn't handle eventually he ended killing them but that was before they took his leg. He almost died that day but if it wasn't for a ex Enforcer Medic named Paul he wouldn't be around today. After that day he knew those guys always had his back no matter what. Sometime after that he thought he was going to be a father ,and Syndra were to be the mother but those days didn't last long. She ended up losing the kid and they broke up sometime after.

After they broke up Josh became a wreck one again he got back into his old drinking habits that still haven't changed. During that time he was in a relationship with somebody which turns out he just got used to get close to somebody else. After that point his drinking got worse that same person from his last relationship took his arm ,and gave him a new one after they made up.That is all that is known about Josh Valhalla Stinger to this day.

Known Friends Or Family

Alexander Valhalla Haug (Uncle/Father Figure)
Grover Nelson Stinger (Stepfather)

Jocelyn Toast Joestar (Friend)

Bryce Hart (Friend)
Robert Parts (Friend)
Paul Wilkinson(Friend)
Rest of the Roaches (Friend)

Known Enemies
Gover Nelson Stinger

((Will update in future and if i missed anyone let me know.))
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