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[IC] Leon Resident

Postby Zed Hawk » 22 Mar 2017, 14:11

Name: Leon Resident Aka Hrithik Roshen
Gender: Male
Status: Voluntary retired enjoying wealth

Leon was born in a town on the island of Panau. His father didn’t like him, as far as Leon knows. He tends to shout at him for anything and never wanted Leon to study and grow but just help at the shop. Leon wanted to run away but his mom loves him very much and Leon cares about her. Still, his father doesn’t like him, but the whole family lives together.

Leon doesn’t have any good memories of childhood because there is none exist, he grew up as a working child and he manages to study together. Leon graduate in management, anyhow. And tend to do some business. Leon found Panau is not in a good condition for business, some rebels not keeping peace and pretend to control over Panau, to defeat them, Leon join enforcers.

Enforcers give Leon pride, honor, love, and a lot of care. The fight with rebels are on, together Leon found some villagers having dirty hands and supporting rebels doing shit work at Panau. Leon joined the detective department to clean up all those dirty work. Leon continues his management study to become an entrepreneur and do good business at Panau, create lots of opportunities for Panau people who doing or forced to do crime for living and money. Leon is the undercover detective now doing regular duties as a runner.

Something in Enforcers has changed, most of the good people retired, leave or fired. it's strange............ Leon got fired with lots of charges..............with a mix of feelings for leaving some good friends behind and getting rid of heat Leon step out from Enforcers HQ.

The Equation of rebels and government is really different then Leon has had thought about it, to know it more deeply Leon had join Roaches but didn't found a peace there. it was the time when lots of accusations made on Leon from many people, Leon left Panau for a while, though some good people heard it and call him back with giving confidence that Panau also has good people. Leon join Reapers for a while, feel protection though something hasn't left behind, the heat and hate.

Leon aka Hrithik decides to retire and start a civil life in panau........

Leon got a heart-attack from a bad news he heard from his friend and died on spot.
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Re: [IC] Leon Resident

Postby Anne.Westcliff » 10 Jul 2017, 10:54

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((nice one. was a nice short time in enforcers together))
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Re: [IC] Leon Resident

Postby Isabella Wolfy » 10 Jul 2017, 12:50

((Anne, remeber to add double brackets since your post is OOC, like I did on this sentence.))

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Re: [IC] Leon Resident

Postby Sara Dayne » 19 Sep 2017, 22:01

(( i have never had the pleasure to meet you, but good luck in your civil live))

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Re: [IC] Leon Resident

Postby Zed Hawk » 19 Oct 2017, 09:10

((Leon IC died!
The Unexpected Accident
Leon got a heart-attack from a bad news he heard from his friend and died on spot.))
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