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[IC] Fisher License - Kidd Whyte

Postby Kidd » 11 Jul 2017, 18:50

Kidd Whyte

Fisher, Owner of Anchorage Fishery

Applying for
Fisher license

Describe desired activities
As owner of a small fishery I catch fish all over the country. I mainly provide the fish for sale at markets and cities. I also allow the employees at my company to take a small portion of the fish they catch for eating. At Anchorage Fishery we also give a small or unwanted fish away to villagers who can't afford food or have a shortage of food.

Why are you applying for this position
I'm applying for this license to become a recognized fisher. With the license I'll be able to prove that I'm a qualified fisher. Which will greatly benefit the company. Showing how we are practical, hardworking and safe.

How can you be helpful to us
I can be helpful to Panau because I can provide locals with a great experience. I can provide them with money, food and job security. I provide excellent training to anyone wanting to become a fisher. I also teach valuable fishing skills as well as great sale skills to use at markets.

Employment history
Bait & Tackle shop (Alaska), janitor of a small boat house (Alaska).

Criminal records

Documents attached
US Passport
Panau Work Visa
Fishing certificates
Legal business documents (proof of company, profits.)

Owner of Anchorage Fishery
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