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[IC] Law Enforcement Branch - Joshua Nicholas Kirby

Postby Kirby » 21 Dec 2017, 17:58

Joshua Nicholas Kirby


Applying for
Department of Defense

Describe desired activities
I want to contribute to the department by helping it assure and supervise the administration of the matters related to the armed forces. I'd like to participate actively in the definition of the national security policies and execute the direct policies and regulations assigned to the cabinet. I'd like to coordinate actions relating to the fulfilling of military commitments, both foreign and domestic, without prejudice to the Dpt. of Foreign Affairs, with all the organizations of military origin, including improving the coordination with the Enforcers and assuring that our nation's army has all the means to operate correctly.

Why are you applying for this position
I want to be able to help in the coordination between the DoD and the Enforcers, facilitating the relationships between both departments,
as well as helping to restructure the department itself. I want to promote and energize the study, investigation, technological development and distribution of all the matters related to the national defense, working together with the Secretary of Justice, as well as the rest of the department to strengthen our national security and armed forces.

How can you be helpful to us
As a former military and graduate of West Point, I have a vast experience in military matters. I can be a major asset in all matters pertaining to defense, including providing guarantees of the security of all classified military matters, both in foreign and domestic operations, execution of military operations in coordination with the army and the DoD, working to adjust the National Defense budget and aiding the DoD with any technical, scientific and administrative support issues relating to the national defense and armed forces.

Employment history
United States Navy, Lieutenant-Commander
United States Department of Defense
Falcon Aries Operations (Private Security Company)

Criminal records

Documents attached
Panauan passport
United States passport
Bachelor of Sciences Graduation Diploma from West Point (U.S. Military Academy)
Defense and Strategic Studies Graduation Diploma from West Point (U.S.Military Academy)
Honorable discharge documents from the United States Marine Navy

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