[IC] The Lost Bulldog

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[IC] The Lost Bulldog

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Spencer and Barry Takahashii travelled to Enforcers HQ to report that their dog has been captured. Luckily for them, the ENFPOL is always ready to serve.

Edgar Cooper is working in the ENFPOL office, when he suddenly hears someone entering the HQ.
"Can we both come in ?" Spencer Takahashii asks.
Edgar Cooper stands up.
"Anyone here?" Spencer Takahashii asks.
"Hello," Edgar Cooper says. He sees two men standing at the HQ door and says, "Can I help you."
"Hello Edgar, can you help us with something?" Spencer Takahashii asks.
"Oh, it's you," Edgar Cooper says, "Sure, follow me to the office."
"Yeah the one and only Diplomat-Dealer in Roaches, ," Spencer Takahashii says, "Thank you, let's go Barry."
Edgar Cooper sits down to his office chair. "Have a seat," he says.
"Thanks!" Spencer Takahashii says.
"So, why are you here?" Edgar Cooper asks.
"Well something bad has happened with us.. Our Bulldog named as "Max" has been lost..." Spencer Takahashii says.
"That's unfortunate. When did you last see it?" Edgar Cooper asks. He takes out his notebook.
"He is in our family since last 3 years," Spencer Takahashii says, "Last seen was near PNB area."
"I suppose you were with the dog then?" Edgar Cooper asks.

"Yeah , We went there for depositing cash there and suddenly I had a sever headache and I went unconscious..." Spencer Takahashii says, "When I woke up, he was gone.."
"I see..." Edgar Cooper says. He writes some notes to the Unique Notebook and says, "How does your dog look like? Can you give me details?"

"Is your dog registered?" Edgar Cooper asks.
"Yeah, He is around 3 year old Male, Height 28 cm, Color-White," Spencer Takahashii says, "Yeah he is."
"Let's see," Edgar Cooper says.
Spencer Takahashii is very tense about Max.
Edgar Cooper reaches his laptop and searches for the missing dog and says, "Hmm..."
"Yes, your details match," Edgar Cooper says. He turns to Spencer. "So, do you think that someone stole the dog or did it just run away?" he asks.

"I believe someone stole my Max, even though he is 3 year old he is well trained and I am sure he will not just run," Spencer Takahashii says, "away like this.."

"I understand..." Edgar Cooper says.
"Please find my life.... I cannot live without him..." Spencer Takahashii says.
"Very well, we will begin gathering resources for investigations," Edgar Cooper says. He stands up.
"Thank you..." Spencer Takahashii says, "Please find it as soon as possible...."
"I'd recommend asking your close friends and relatives, see if they know what could've happened," Edgar Cooper says.
"I already tried asking everyone , but none of them had any Idea about it..." Spencer Takahashii says.
"PNB has recording surveillance cameras. We can check the recordings, see if they hold any information," Edgar Cooper says.
"That'd be great,Can we see the recording right now?" Spencer Takahashii asks.
"I need to make a call," Edgar Cooper says.
"Please do and let us know what they say..." Spencer Takahashii says.
Edgar Cooper takes out his cellphone, waits for someone to answer the call. A silent "hello" can be heard by the others. "Hello, this is Deputy Chief Edgar Cooper from ENFPOL," Edgar Cooper says.
"I would like to have access to a CCTV recording," Edgar Cooper says.
Spencer Takahashii prays for positive reply from respective authorities..
Edgar Cooper puts his hand in front of the phone's microphone and turns to Spencer and says, "When did your dog disappear?"
"Around 2.00 pm," Spencer Takahashii says.
"Which day?" Edgar Cooper asks.
"Two days ago," Spencer Takahashii says.
Edgar Cooper tells the time and date to the security officer on the phone and says, "Yes..."
Edgar Cooper starts looking for something on his laptop and says, "I see it, downloading it now."
"Thank you. Bye," Edgar Cooper says. He ends the call and puts the phone away.
Spencer Takahashii turns towards Barry and then turn back towards Edgar.
"File downloaded". "Alright, let's have a look," Edgar Cooper says.
"Thank God, sure thing ," Spencer Takahashii says.
Edgar Cooper opens the video player, then presses "Play" and turns the computer around to Spencer and Barry can see.
Spencer Takahashii starts watching video, notices Max in video. and says, "Please stop at 2.46."
"I guess I see him there," Spencer Takahashii says.
Edgar Cooper pauses the video, rewinds it a bit and says, "Here?"
"See?I knew it someone is with him, yeaah right there!!" Spencer Takahashii says.
"Do you recognize this person?" Edgar Cooper asks.
"Can you please zoom-in?" Spencer Takahashii asks.
"Let's see what I can do," Edgar Cooper says. He tries to zoom the video in order to recognize the kidnapper. The chances were slight, however it was a success. "There we go," Edgar Cooper says.
"Danke," Spencer Takahashii says, "Oh.. He is our servant.. I never thought he 'd be the one behind all this... He is working in our family since last 10."
"So, is this person someone you know?" Edgar Cooper asks.
"years..." Spencer Takahashii says.
"What's his name?" Edgar Cooper asks.
"He told us he is taking leave for 1 week and then this thing happens..." Spencer Takahashii says.

"Peter Drucker, If I am not wrong," Spencer Takahashii says.
Edgar Cooper writes some notes to the Unique Notebook. "...Drucker..." he says.
"Very well," Edgar Cooper says.
"Any criminal records ?" Spencer Takahashii asks.
Edgar Cooper checks the database. "Oh my..." he says.
"I doubt he has any but well..." Spencer Takahashii says. He waits for Edgar's reply.
"He's been charged twice for assault, four times for resisting authorities and once for domestic violence," Edgar Cooper says.
Spencer Takahashii sighs.
"Don't worry," Edgar Cooper says, "We will find this man, and Max."
"I cannot believe this..." Spencer Takahashii says.
Edgar Cooper closes the laptop.
"He has been working in our family since last 10 years..." Spencer Takahashii says.
"Didn't you check his background before hiring him?" Edgar Cooper asks.
"Sadly no.. My Mom said he was a good person and trustable..." Spencer Takahashii says.
Edgar Cooper frowns, "Well, most of the charges were recent."
"He's been doing a lot of bad things in the last 2 years," Edgar Cooper says.
"My God..." Spencer Takahashii says.
"I have work to do. I will inform you as soon as I get any intel about the case," Edgar Cooper says. He walks to the office door and opens it.
Spencer Takahashii stands up and says, "Thank you Mr Edgar,I hope you find my Max soon ."
Edgar Cooper gives two business cards to Barry.
Barry Takahashii Accepts the buisness cards.
"Mr. Yu is a talented psychiatric. He will help you with any mental issues," Edgar Cooper says.
"Thanks..." Spencer Takahashii says.
"You're welcome, buddy," Edgar Cooper says.

Spencer Takahashii takes the leave and says, "Can you take us to pells."
"Sure. Right this way," Edgar Cooper says.

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Re: [IC] The Lost Bulldog

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