[IC] The Application

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[IC] The Application

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Steven Anderson has requested a meeting with the newly appointed Minister Brooks, to discuss his application. Sergeant Longbarrel is there to provide backup.

"Mr Anderson, I presume?" Adam John Brooks asks.
"That's me, good evening gentlemen," Steven Anderson says.
Robin Longbarrel nods.
"and you must be mr. Brooks?" Steven Anderson asks.
"good evening, I am minister Brooks. You wanted to see me?" Adam John Brooks asks, "please come into the office and take a seat."
"After you, Mr. Anderson," Robin Longbarrel says.
"Thank you," Steven Anderson says.
"so, how can I help you specifically?" Adam John Brooks asks.
Robin Longbarrel leans on the wall, waiting for further orders.
Adam John Brooks lights a cigarette.
"Cigarette?" Adam John Brooks asks.
"So, I recently decided to join the government," Steven Anderson says, "oh no thanks , cut smoking for a year now."
"Ah yes. Hold on, let me just consult my files. Yes, they say it's bad for the health, butold habits die heard," Adam John Brooks says, "hard i mean."
"yup , that sort of thing. So, as I was saying, due to my past jobs," Steven Anderson says.
Adam John Brooks opens his briefcase takes some files and startsreading.
"I thought it was appropriatte to join a sector I have spent my life on, both as a researcher and as a lawyer myself," Steven Anderson says.
"Well, Mr. Anderson, there seems to be some irregularities with your application," Adam John Brooks says, "Especially your passport."
"where did you get your passport, Mr. Anderson?" Adam John Brooks asks.
Robin Longbarrel checks the time on their watch.
Adam John Brooks takes the passport copy out of his briefcase.

"The United States Embassy sir," Steven Anderson says.
"Well, I regret to tell you it is not legal," Adam John Brooks says.
"What appears to be the problem if I may ask ?" Steven Anderson asks.
"this situation is under investigation," Adam John Brooks says, "it says it is a "panaun" passport."
"But, why would they give me a wrong passport ?" Steven Anderson asks.

"Mr. Anderson, let's cut the crap. Either this is an egregious mistake in the issuing, or it is fake," Adam John Brooks says.

"Our forensics are checking it as we speak," Adam John Brooks says.
Robin Longbarrel thinks to himself "I hope i get a raise after this, serving as a petrified sentry aint for me".
Adam John Brooks 's phone rings, Brooks answers it.
"hello? Yes, this is minister Brooks speaking," Adam John Brooks says, "Excuse me for just a minute, Mr. Anderson, have to take this call."
"Yes, yes, the paperwork has been sent. Yes it was just misplaced but now all is correct and according to proceeding," Adam John Brooks says, "Yes, of course. Thank you for informing me."
"have a nice day," Adam John Brooks says.
Adam John Brooks hangs up.
"So, Mr Anderson...Mr. Anderson?" Adam John Brooks asks.
Adam John Brooks looks around?.
"Where did he go?" Adam John Brooks asks.
Adam John Brooks looks around again.
"Hey Sarge, did you see where did he go?" Adam John Brooks asks.
Adam John Brooks looks at Robin, he is sleeping while standing next to the door.
"oh great. Just another day at the office. Guess I will have to keep investigating. Time to call the US embassy," Adam John Brooks says.
Adam John Brooks gets lost on his thinking process while packing his briefcase and preparing to leave Enf HQ.

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