[IC] Final Departure

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[IC] Final Departure

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Ex-commander of Reapers, Alexey Ivanov, is finally leaving Panau. But he has someone to replace him. Who it will be?

Alexey Ivanov comes to runway, notices few people doing their casual work. "Comrades!" he shouts.
"I have something to announce!" Alexey Ivanov shouts.
"Recently, I returned into Panau to check things in general!" Alexey Ivanov shouts, "My current situation disallow me to proceed as intended - my medical condition goes bad!"
"With that being said, I am about to leave Panau!" Alexey Ivanov shouts.
"get going already i dont need to see you here!" Luldo Jonatiz shouts.
Alexey Ivanov darkly laughs. Then Alexey takes his revolver and shoots in Luldo's direction.
"oii look out will you!" Luldo Jonatiz shouts.
"Thing is!" Alexey Ivanov shouts, "I have someone to replace me!"
"that person better be nice to look at for a change!" Luldo Jonatiz shouts.
"That girl - you all know her - was here for short time, she was sent by me to investigate current situation in Reapr!" Alexey Ivanov shouts, "She will arrive here in few minutes!"
"As for me...!" Alexey Ivanov shouts.
"well," Alexey Ivanov says, "Its time for me to leave."
"Forever," Alexey Ivanov says. He grabs his pack and throws revolver on the ground. Reapers gathered around watching at Alexey silently. Some even cried, some didn't give any care.. Few even looked happy.. Alexey went to nearest Pell Silverbolt 7, entered its cockpit, launched engines.. "Well...!" Alexey Ivanov shouts.
"take care mate!" Luldo Jonatiz shouts, "i'm going to miss you!"
"And you too, comrade," Alexey Ivanov says.
"Farewell, Reapers!!" Alexey Ivanov shouts.
Luldo Jonatiz salutes.
Alexey Ivanov closes the cockpit and launch the pell into sky..
"i will see you surely back comrade, no reaper has ever left," Sara Dayne says.
Reapers stayed here for few moments more, then disappeared busy with their own tasks.
"and otherwise i will see you in the communist paradise," Sara Dayne says.
After a hour, another pell is seen to land at HQ. Pell lands, pilot - female - shuts down engines and exits cockpit.
Luldo Jonatiz takes a quick look at the new reaper.
It is Victoria Alexeeva, and she holds some kind of letter in her hands.. "Ugh... H-h-hi?" Victoria Alexeeva asks.
Luldo Jonatiz gives a kind smile. "hello, miss, welcome to the reapers," he says.
Victoria Alexeeva smiles.
"can I help?" Luldo Jonatiz asks.
Victoria Alexeeva gives Luldo letter from Alexey Ivanov.
Luldo Jonatiz starts reading it, mumbles underneath his breath as he's reading the letter.
"hmm well, our comrade alexey sais you're his replacement, is that correct miss... Alexeeva?" Luldo Jonatiz asks.
"Y-yea," Victoria Alexeeva says, "I am, true."
"hmm well," Luldo Jonatiz says. He glances back at the letter.
"I was m-m-mech here for short time, now I am back," Victoria Alexeeva says.
"oh I see," Luldo Jonatiz says.
"Alexey is my... mentor... Almost like father, b-but not biological," Victoria Alexeeva says.
Luldo Jonatiz laughs. "he certainly was a kind guy," he says.
"He said I n-need to learn something here, in this place," Victoria Alexeeva says, "The P-panau."
Victoria Alexeeva tries to calm down. Its not an easy task for Victoria, but she manages to do so..
"is everything okay?" Luldo Jonatiz asks.
"Y-yea," Victoria Alexeeva says.
"okay well, I am initiate Luldo," Luldo Jonatiz says.
Victoria's wrench tool falls off her backpack.
"and as far as this letter goes," Luldo Jonatiz says. He looks at the fallen belt.
Victoria Alexeeva is very confused.
"... I can't take this decision," Luldo Jonatiz says, "I will have to bring this to one of our elites."
Victoria Alexeeva quickly tries to get belt and says, "It's s-s-signed by supreme c-commander."
Luldo Jonatiz moves his thumb from the bottom of the page, laughs and says, "I see I see."
"my apologies," Luldo Jonatiz says.
Victoria Alexeeva grabs bell back, and puts wrench tool into backpack. "I-i..." she says.
"I am ready to serve for the g-great cause of the Reapers," Victoria Alexeeva says.
Luldo Jonatiz smiles.
Victoria Alexeeva hardly can pronounce letter "R", so her speech sounds a bit funny.
Luldo Jonatiz hands Alexeeva Alexey's letter back.
Victoria Alexeeva takes it back. Her hand is shaking a bit.
Luldo Jonatiz offers a handshake. "let me welcome you back then," he says.
Victoria Alexeeva freezes for a bit, being confused, but then cutely smiles and shakes Luldo's hand. This seems to be a start of good friendship in a new journey of Victoria Alexeeva in Reapers faction..

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