racing bets

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racing bets

Postby gotlife » 08 Sep 2018, 23:32

allow race bets at the race track near pia.

minimum player requirement: 2
both can bet and winner keep the money
disallow vehicle damage when in the bet (player bet when sitting in the vehicle)
disable ramming (vehicles can move through another vehicle, ramming won't happen in that case to ruin the race, by racers or other trolls)
disable arms just like at PIA, now its another story what will happen with that point, HL, mission etc. so that has to be solved too.

gonna be lot more things to consider, input expected from all minds :cool:
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Re: racing bets

Postby ACuteKittenP » 09 Sep 2018, 14:12

Its a really really good concept sure, but if it was to be implemented it would need protection parameters such as the vehicle no clipping only working within a set distance of race track, people who are racing don't count towards cap delay or mitigation in the event a cap takes place at race track set distance on the vehicles not taking damage etc

all in all I think you've had a wonderful idea but I don't know if it will be used very often or if it will be able to be abused for other purposes.

I think likely this will be a very hard feature to implement not to mention hard to moderate and bug test.

I think a good alternative would just have to be an agreement among people who wish to race each other that the bet is a fixed amount and they can set out the ground rules for each other etc. Cheating and breaking the rules/ refusal to give payment would probably constitute fail RP anyways and such matters would be taken to a player complaint or elite level.


Its a good idea but its likely very hard to bug test Implement and moderate its just easier to have agreed bets and races that can be moderated under fail RP in the player complaints sub forum

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