Jeffrey Baker Ban Appeal

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Jeffrey Baker Ban Appeal

Postby steliosskaf983 » 08 Jun 2018, 15:22

IC Name:

Steam Username (at time of ban): Ice Ice Baby

Steam URL (permanent):

Ban Date: No idea

Ban Reason: Griefing and Evading Forum Mute

Links to complaints which led to ban: viewtopic.php?f=31&t=16613

Description of events that led to ban. Please use as much detail as possible in this section: Jeffrey had destroyed AS of other factions abusing his elite rank and after a PC was made which lead to him getting banned and forum muted, he make a "Ban request" and openly insulted Osvaldo.

Why do you feel you deserve to be unbanned: Please take note this Ban Appeal was not a suggestion of Jeffrey but myself. Let's take incidents one by one. After sometime in the server It is needless to say that due to some misunderstandings and fights between factions aswell as baned people abusing alt accounts, the ular faction and Jeffrey (R5 at the time) had been targetted with everything bad going around. To simplify, everyone would accusse them of constant hacking and rule-breaking and in general would have a negative attitude on them. This I believe was a really good reason to get someone frustrated and greatly tired. From what I can imagine it must have been greatly discouraging for him, everytime he would log, to see a negative behavior from others. Do allow me to clarify that up to a certain point, people were right about certain ccussations but let's also understand the fact that nobody should take the blame for everything. So, having said that, despite the fact such behavior shouldn't be tolerated in any case, I believe we could atleast get to understand his 'motive' on taking such actions. Some may call it payback, some others griefings but for me and for many others I hope, we can see it as frustration and anger which was caused from spamming accussattions and as a result of 'isolating' him from the fun of the server.
Furthermore, I would like to mention the way myself tryed to make him angry and apparently banned. At the time, I was very pissed off due to a recent( at the time) point of clash with the ulars. This has put me out of bounds and so I decided to make that complaint. Althought the facts presented on the PC were indeed valid, the reason I did it was basially to get him banned and not to make the server a better place. As of that I find myself guilty of making a complaint out of frustration and not so much out of care for the good of the server

Any screenshots you can provide that may aid your appeal: This is a message Jeffrey DMed me at the time the PC on him was waiting for keeri to adjust the punishment

Any additional information you wish to provide: Again this appeal was something I suggestted to Jef as I felt guilts of being the reason he got banned. To the ones to reply I would like to ask them to reply seriously and not reply trying to add more heat into this issue, R5s only if you please and without quoted from others unless it is really really urgent
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