Caps not ending when the point is left alone

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Caps not ending when the point is left alone

Postby Pie Eater » 09 Jun 2018, 15:09

It's a bit ridiculous that you can start a cap, walk away and leave the cap zone unguarded, but the cap still continues. It's been used as a tactic as of lately by at least one faction that I know of, and it's not correct imo.
What people do is walking up to a cap, starting it and before the enemy would get a message as of where it is leave. This way they save a cap location for future use. If the enemy doesn't know what location was being targeted, they have to find it or they'd lose it a couple of hours later when the capping side comes back to the point.

Offline capping in a factions dead hours already is quite unfair. Let's try to not add this to the viable tactics of winning caps please.
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